From the heart


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    From the heart

    Too many things to think about
    I don't know where to begin
    I should examine what's going on in my head
    I'm scared, but I don't know of what
    Maybe it's when I go to sleep on my bed
    My mind gets lost inside my head
    There's a puzzle in my head
    I try to solve it, but give up instead
    Maybe I should wait GOD will be a while
    He has a lot of people to worry about
    He picks me up when I fall down
    I can't explain the love he has for me
    They say it's big enough to fill the sea
    Maybe I need to flee because the love HE has is too good for me
    Sometimes I can't see, but he's pursuing me
    He has to get me before I can show someone else
    You have to be taught before you can go and teach it yourself
    How do I spread the word "The Lord is always around"
    He wants you to follow him
    Don't worry about the When, where, why, how
    He has the answer to any question you have in your head
    Amazing, I know
    Maybe we should all try to get to know him more
    If you do you will see the undying love he has for you and for me
    The Lord will never let us down, he never fails
    No matter what he will prevail
    Lord help ,me be loving caring and kind
    Help me be like you Lord, it might take some time
    Be patient with me LORD, I'm only human you know
    With time, I'm sure I will be refined
    BY allowing you to work in my mind
    My goal is to be with the LORD
    there's no telling how far I have to go
    On the quest for the Love that is hard find
    I WILL TRY...

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    Marsink commented on From the heart


    never give up; never surrender! (from the comedy, Galaxy Quest). There should be no doubt for the reader that you have your heart set on Him! Thanks for making Him known in your writings: a beautiful piece for reflection!

    knight4696 commented on From the heart


    JD - a very nice spiritual plea for worthiness and guidance. The lord is a very busy man :) But he is always with us when we need him the most. Very nice write my friend, Ken

    Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

    Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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