He Loves Us Enough


He Loves Us Enough

In our own estimation, we are wise,
But not before the Lord,
Our wisdom is as foolishness,
If its wisdom of this world...
And our righteousness is as filthy rags,
To our God above,
But, He still gives us mercy,
And His unfailing love...

We're not fit to untie His sandals,
Because we are not that worthy,
But He still made us heirs with Jesus,
When Jesus died on Calvary...
He died so that we may have life,
With Him eternally,
We ought to serve and worship only Him,
And give Him all the glory...

He's done so many things for us,
Why is it so hard for us to understand?
That He loved us enough to die,
Yet we don't trust He's holding our hand?
All He wants for us to do,
Is to do what He has asked,
Yet sometimes we go astray,
We think it's to big a task...

It would be so simple to keep,
The commandments that He gave, 
If we'd just lay aside our flesh,
To live in the Spirit every day...
If we were crucified with Christ,
It would be easier to bear,
All our trials and tribulations,
Because He will be there...

It's the trials that we go through on earth,
That we should praise Him for,
Because it means we're doing something right,
When we face those storms...
And when people persecute us,
We should be like the apostle Paul,
For he thanked God for every lash,
He praised God, our All in All...

We may be very tempted,
Tried and pushed around,
But He won't allow what we can't bear,
And we won't be taken down...
By the schemes of the devil,
Because we're covered in His blood,
And satan can't walk through that,
God is protecting us...

Although we don't deserve it,
As sinful as we are,
He loves us enough to forgive,
And cleanse our dirty hearts...
If we'd just have faith in Him,
Instead of in the world,
I know we would never get hit,
When satan's darts are hurled...

And saying that you're only human,
Is really no excuse,
To ignore the voice of God,
When He's speaking to you...
God speaks to us in many ways,
His people, your mind, the Word,
To ignore Him is not a good thing,
So listen to what you've heard...

He is mighty, strong, and loving,
Merciful and true,
He is the Way, the Truth, the Life,
For everyone, even you...
He has some gifts He wants to give,
Salvation, grace, and mercy,
He'll wrap you up in His arms,
Then His love you will see...

If you just accept the truth,
(It's right there in your Bible,)
Pray and ask Him in, and He'll forgive,
So for past sin you are not liable...
However you are liable to live like Him,
And witness to all the earth,
All the things He's done for you,
How He gave you worth...

You have worth because you'll be working,
To serve only Him,
And worth you have because Jesus died,
To wash away your sin...
So strive to be like Jesus,
Crucify your flesh with Christ,
Walk in Spirit, and in truth,
And you'll be in the light...

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Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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