I Thought...


I Thought...

Into the darkness I do wander,

To the deepest reaches of my mind...

Into the negative,

Past all the things I dread,

To the place where I will find,

                   My greatest fears...


I spent most of my life seeking,

The path that would lead me to fame,

Now it seems as though,

The path I sought the most,

Will only end in shame,

                   And my tears...


I thought that I was the best,

Better than those who surrounded me,

I know better now,

Though I don't know how,

I figured I would not be tested,

                    All those years...

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kochab commented on I Thought...


such a melancholic tone dear, and greatly constructed, these are the kind of works I enjoy the most. ty for posting it.

laydbak1 commented on I Thought...


Sometimes even our best isn't good enough for those we hope will just give us our shot being what we want to be... Feels like another blues number to me....

kmooney commented on I Thought...


Keli - I like this poem. Sounds like maybe you never lived up to your own expectations. Sounds like you have been looking for something that might be out of reach now. Why the shame, though? You were once a little arrogant maybe, thought too highly of yourself and your abilities. Maybe a little over confident. But something brought you down to every else's level. Something humbled you...and it quite possibly scared you, too. Sounds to me that you are wiser and more mature now. You've c

Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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