Seasonal Ring


Seasonal Ring

I am sad because the Summer is almost gone.
I will be sad to see the last sweet Summer dawn.
No more, then, of that bright summer heat;
The smell of the heat-waving street;
The loving embrace of water, so comforting-cool,
When I dive into a shimmering swimming pool.
I am sad because Summer's life is almost complete.
Summer is my warmest friend.
I will be sad to see my friend the Summer end.
But then will come the Fall;
And I will love it all.
Golden brown leaves; and nifty whiffling wind,
Wafting my face with crisply cold caresses;
Making me feel like running, racing till the end.
Jogging--or brisk walks--as long as the Fall's life blesses.
The orange of pumpkins; pumpkin pies; and Jack-o-lanterns' light:
The blazing eyes and glowing grins, shining in the night.
The ringing of door-bells by trick-or-treating kids, who call:
"Trick or treat!"--Childhood goblins, ghosts, and witches--having a ball.
Football on TV, pies and turkeys on the tables.
This is life, this is love, this is living!
This is something well worth thanks-giving!
Just ordinary life--better than fantasies, dreams, or fables.
I don't know much of truth, but that much I know.
I'll be so sad to see my friend Fall go.
But then will come Winter.
That's when freeze and leafless trees will enter.
Perhaps there will be snow.
I hope so.
I so love to see the bright of snow.
It will cover those leafless tree branches,
And make them magical, you know.
But, with or without snow, that cold wind will blow.
Making us fill the chilling chinks, in the walls and windows,
With tar and pitch and paper and cloth, and other stuff that stanches.
The cold; making that hot chocolate taste so good!
Or steaming coffee--caffeinating the cold, and warming the blood.
Soon, Winter will leave stage center.
But while Winter's life lasts, I will love it so!
I will be sad to see my friend the Winter go.
Then Spring,
With all her gold and green, will enter.
In the Springtime, my heart will sing!
I will remember all the loves that I have had--
Every deep rich true love, and every brief sweet happy fling!
The smell of grass will become splendid again.
The fragrance of flowers will nearly cloy the cleansed air;
The buzz of bees and the song of birds will make my heart feel glad.
I will forget my dark despair.
No sorrowed loneliness, no fear, nor any worrying care.
I will not remember there is such a word as sin.
Perhaps I will go skinny-dipping, and skip the screen of clothes.
When Springtime goes,
I will be sad.
I will feel sad to see sweet Springtime close.
Spring is my fairest friend;
I'll ache and weep to see Spring end.
But then, who knows?
Maybe I will be able to re-ride this rich and wondrous ring.
Spring's life might live again for me;
And, once again, my whole heart sing.
Perhaps it is a ring also--eternity--
Perhaps I can catch hold of that ring.
Maybe it will be a lovers' Paradise, with sweet love burning bright;
As long as I'm dreaming, I'm going to dream it right:
All cares, consumed with love's fire; all shadows, dispelled by love's light;
Renewed life, with all of Spring's beautiful blessings to bring.
Then my heart would rejoice, always loving life;
Then, in love, my heart could sing again--seeing another Spring.

Written by Michael LP
Copyright © 2012 by Michael LP.  All rights reserved
(Copyrighted for my estate)

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Poetry is what is lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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