Tear drops lost long ago

 From far away I glimpse their glow

 Placed in time for all to see

 Now nothing but a memory

 God’s divine sheds of liquid gold

 Left in darkness for all to behold

 Wishes taken from a fantasy

 Hopes and dreams cast at sea 

Jewels so perfect they seem fake

 Blinking in and out of an inky lake

 The soul of someone lost from time

 Waiting to live again on rewind

 The spirit of a hero high above

 For all to revere and love

 The essence of a child or friend

 Whose purity knows no end

 Counting them all one by one

 As I hold up my tiny thumb

 Watching them evaporate without a trace

 I seem so minuscule from this place.

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TheLastCowboy commented on Stars


Tears to Stars, very original idea :) You take the reader on an awesome ride through your words.

Musicmynded1 commented on Stars


The best piece that ive read on this subject by far.. and probably is in Gods mynd as well.



Thank you so much!

HarverTomsson commented on Stars


Poetology meets cosmology along with theology. they're still getting acquainted, but I'd like to overhear the conversation. Harv

soulwriter commented on Stars


To look into the wonders of space - to behold the lights, to feel small in comparison... you have captured many feelings and more allegory to be discovered by the many who read! Soul

kdarcy commented on Stars


The sky, heavens and stars always promote mystical and even calming emotion ... it is so in your write also, thanks, be well k



Very true! They have affect on me as well.

Poetry is what is lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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