High Hopes for tributes paid to the god of vice.


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    Hint:  Right is Wrong.  What could I be proposing in this?  You must dig for the deeper implications.

    High Hopes for tributes paid to the god of vice.

    Your prize awaits you
    from the payment of destruction
    slaughter those in obstruction
    and expose the weak to what they are.

    This is the norm
    you must perform
    if you are to be taken
    from this suffering awakened.

    All this is for you in the end
    to no other shall your hand lend
    unless you wish to spend
    your days in the abyss.

    Only those of selfless reasoning
    will stand against the diffidence
    and rise together for
    the commonality of life.

    Doomed to hell, oh well.
    The cause of life
    makes this a just price
    to extend a hand towards unity.

    What's in it for them?
    Certainly not heaven,
    for insubordination means
    life amongst eternal hellhounds.

    Do what is expected of thee!
    The god of vice is a generous one
    who repays the carriers of his word
    and the hand of his sword.

    What say ye?
    I shall turn the sword on his word,
    remove his selfish tongue,
    then bleed out the hate!

    What shall become of me?
    This is not my concern.
    Bettering our condition is what I learn.
    My body, this vessel; the harbinger of change.

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    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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