Stop The Suicide


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A lyrical compostion I put together to counter suicidal attempts, by encouraging, inspiring, and giving the reader hope in tomorrow instead of giving up today,..Amen


Stop The Suicide

“Stop The Suicide” (Take A Walk On The Mild Side)


Musical Prelude:

Verse 1

This song is dedicated – to my girls and boys,

These guns and knives - are not your toys.

Aiming at yourself – with a foolish intent,

To take away your life – from God establishment.

What will you accomplish – tell me what will you gain,

By killing yourself – brings another one pain.

Your mother's crying – and the family weeps,

To see their loved one – in eternal sleep.

See there’s no reason – in the whole wide world,

So think before you act – my homeboys and girls.

We can talk it over – see I’m by your side,

Hold up wait a minute – “Stop The Suicide!”




Verse 2

Listen up God people – let’s be cool and chill,

Think seriously hard – don't overdose on them pills.

So what Child Of God – if you have no job,

You’ll soon find your blessing – you don’t have to rob.

Your lover want to leave you – went to be with another,

The court took your children – gave them to the mother.

We’ll wither these storms – let this be your choice,

Start doing what we can – so we can all rejoice.

To see you on the rise – gaining strength within,

With God in your corner – know this isn’t the end.

To those who abused you – they'll soon meet the tide,

God sent me here to help – “Stop The Suicide!”




Verse 3

Just back up from the edge – so you can understand,

It’s death before you leap – and death when you land.

See if you want to jump – jump to getting busy,

To make your life better – when it seem so dizzy.

You’re doing bad in school – for you cannot read,

But with strong determination – you can still succeed.

Use your other talents – use your memory,

You have to fight to get ahead – end the misery.

Dig deep inside your soul – you’ll survive you see,

God is in your corner – there Our Lord will be.

Regardless and whatever – I’ll be by your side,

Doing everything I can – “Stop The Suicide!”




Verse 4

You shouldn't put an end - to what your life is worth,

There's been a lot of work - initiating your birth.

Sure times are getting hard – and life seems so rough,

You can make it my friend – by keep hanging tough.

In your future there’ll come – a big change about,

Don’t you give up now – and take yourself out.

In the killing of yourself – there’ll be no forgiving,

It’s only God job – to stop the life we’re living.

When our burdens are tough - God will help you along,

Keep believing in yourself – and you must stand strong.

And I really don’t care – if you’re lost inside,

Tomorrow it can change – “Stop The Suicide!”




Don’t let the inner beast mislead you in a state of confusion, “Life is not a bowl of cherries, nor is it good to the last drop!”  Nobody promised you a rose garden, and if you would like to have one – you must put in the work towards it until it blossoms – so is life.  There’ll be many times when things seem rough, when things seem like its all up hill, and when you’ll feel life is no longer worth living.  Let me tell you my friend, I’ve had these feelings myself, but I’ll be da-- if I kill myself and admit to defeat.  I know things will not always be like this, and with a little time, effort and true faith in God I know things will get better.  I don’t doubt the capabilities within myself, and never will I doubt the power of God, so I know I will rise above the tides of hard times, confusion, chaos, animosity, and mishaps which rolls into our life.  I’m a winner – not a quitter, a survivor and a conqueror so I still smile – even when life seems so bitter / rough.  Amen


Please Stop The Suicide – Live Another Day - So When You Overcome The Challenges In Which You Face – We Can Celebrate Together (Genesis 9:5)

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tsgirl commented on Stop The Suicide


Another great mentoring song as well as a speech right on David. 1 luv You're most kindly welcome to read some of my poems and comment also honest criticism is welcome. 1 luv



It's been crazy hectic and I'm trying to keep up - but I am reading your material today - regardless - today is TSgirl time... KD

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