To President Elect - Barack Obama


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I poem I wrote when President Barack Obama was elected - enjoy...


To President Elect - Barack Obama

To President Elect – Barak Obama


Congratulations on your feat of accomplishments,

For you’ve reached the mountain top:

May God pour out many blessings on you,

And I pray it will never stop.

God Grant him the Wisdom of Solomon,

The insight of David the king,

To preside over the people of your land,

And forever let freedom ring.

Give him diplomacy to be the first,

To put his trust in You,

To let there be peace within this land,

And vengeance be done by You.

Give him leadership skills of Joseph,

to manage the lands provisions,

An acuteness of discernment,

To make the best decisions.

Grant him true patience and diligence,

When reacting to situations,

Give him the vision of righteousness,

And integrity to rule the nation.

May God be the head of your life,

As you lead us on God’s land,

We say we put Our trust in God,

For divided we will not stand.


Congratulations on becoming the first African American President

May God be with us all (1 Kings 3:3-15)

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Romano commented on To President Elect - Barack Obama


The tribute for an African American as holding one of the most prestiges offices in the country is an accomplishment, yet why are we celebrating, our struggle has only begun as Colored Americans, True Obama is African American, and yet we may be decendants; however before we as a whole can celebrate we need to work together so that this will not be the last and only time a colored/african american hold such a high office. I am not trying to discourage you, yet have you look at it as this, we need to make sure once we have position and power that we continue to strenghten and support those whom we believe in, To be honest the one who should get the praise is the woman who stands so close behind him and strenghtens her man to be the best that he can for all around him, a strong yet submissive black woman who may be smarter than her husband yet knows how to support him they way a black,colored, african man should be. thats a lesson for the black,colored, african woman to look to and want to be like. As the Bible say " who can find a virtous woman", nothing wrong with an independent woman, yet a woman who stills long for that man that is about something yet just need a lil push of encouragement and support and know that no matter what she will love him just as much for his faults in falling when doing right and not complain but pray for his strength. i like the poem, yet we need to teach the youth of today that we need to stay in that position, again nothing wrong with celebrating but we have not won the war......racism still exist and worse in us against us.



My dear brother Romano - I feel you and I hear you - however this poem was only a congrat' to President Obama on his accomplishment - but my bottom line throughout the poem is asking God the True Commander to grant this mortal man the ability to do the right thing, make the right decisions, make the right choices, to grant him wisdom, and etc. For without the blessings of God what are we in comparison to when we are blest. As far as a people you should read Though I may die tonight - I got one life to live - and I will post you still must dread - Dred Scott - Let's take a bite out of crime and etc. just so you can understand I've been there - I just took them down - if you really want to get everything I wrote - purchase the book my brother - support a new African American author who is trying to inspire, encourage, uplift, and rejuvenate the people...Amen The title of my book is The Psalters Of The Field - you can find it at - or you can find it at by doing a book search and typing in the title... Much Love my brother, KD - King David Of Is-Real - The Angelical Warrior

Kandrew commented on To President Elect - Barack Obama


I will be very honest here...I do not like what the President is doing to our Nation. BUT...I pray for him, this same prayer. For it is only GOD who can grant these things to ANY man or woman. I love my country. I would die for it. I pray that President Barak Obama will be transformed into the man described in our prayers. Amen. Beautiful poem and prayer.



Thank you for the comment Kandrew - I pray that God will lead him - for in God does my hope, my faith, my belief, my strength, my shelter, my support, and my provisions come from - God has been there for me before any President and thereafter - so I pray no one take this the wrong way - I was just giving congrat's for Obama's accomplish - but The Glory Be To God - who can change the heart of man and redirect our path...Amen... Again thank you for your comment. KD

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