I Got One Life To Live


I Got One Life To Live

“I Got One Life To Live”



I got one life to live – I’m going to give to God

I’m the newest family member – of the Staff and Rod.

It’s a choice I had to make – change my wrong to right,

Got to get my life together – be prepared for the fight.

Because the devil got a squad – who can really careless,

They got AK’s and 9’s – but through Our Lord I’m blest.

Helmets on – Shields up – I got my breastplate on,

It’s survival of the fittest – but in God I stand strong.


Musical Interlude:



Coming out of the church – it’s time to hit the block,

Cause you can’t reach the people – standing on the dock.

Jesus spoke to the people – from the mountain top,

So I bring it to the streets – until my heartbeat stop.

Crime is ranking high – in our neighborhood,

Drugs are circulating – we’re ending life for good.

Mugging, thefts, murders – are your daily chores,

Breaking in people homes – taking what’s not yours.

These people are broke – but you’re too blind to see,

Satan has you on a mission – to be the best you can be.

You’re a part of evils’ wrath – with this calamity,

But God’s going to end – this whole catastrophe.

Sending forth all his angels – who’ll make a stand?

Against the forces of the Devil – all across the land!

Hate to see you locked up – because I love you bro’,

Just cease what you’re doing – and you’ll start to grow.

Walking dead for the longest – it’s time to look alive,

I’m talking one by one – and let’s continue to drive.

Time we help one another – with this life God give,

See I’m ready for the battle – “I got one life to live”.


P. S. I wrote only one verse and welcome anyone to add to this song and join me in the battle.

Written By: David LaMont Scott / King David Of Is-Real (Joshua 24)


For The God Of My Salvation I Will Fight, (Joshua 24)

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marina123 commented on I Got One Life To Live


i hope someone is rapping this poem and sending it all over the world, to the radio stations and churches. you are living up to your name David, God is so proud of you!!! you are living your life right, let your light shine bright, get it to more open fields. you are touching souls David, may your trumpet be heard all world over and God , on the final day will say; " come my faithful servant, come and get your reward" i know i will be there with the matching saints. thank you for these inspirational writes. iam blessed i met you an this website.



I wish I could get people to represent in such a fashion as well - I am working on reaching the masses one way or another - I am asking everyone to support me buy purchasing my book - The Psalters Of The Field - www.lulu.com/thebookcastle1 - which is another way in which I can still reach everyone - even if not from the studio producing songs - but from my book writing songs that should be hit - money from book sales can help me in other avenues of approach...Amen Much Love, KD

mpjtforever commented on I Got One Life To Live


awesome. very compassionate words. thankyou for sharing your heart and soul. you are definately an inspiration to me. once again your friend jodi



We only have one life to live Jodi - let's give that life to God - who in returns gives us life everlasting - people don't know what happen when we die - but God promised us eternity if we surrender our lives unto the purpose of Our Creation - I'm glad you've turn things around Jodi in your life - even the criminal at the cross with Jesus made the decision to do so at the last minute and was able to enter into the kingdom - so shall you my friend - God is almight - all powerful - capable of all things - don't be surprise if you / your spirits returns...Amen KD

Clementinewoods commented on I Got One Life To Live


(THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL SONG YOU'VE WRITTEN. HERE'S A STICK OF DYNOMITE YOU MAY BE ABLE TO USE AT WAR (lol). WHAT DO YOU THINK?) So gear up and get ready – Both family and friends, Because this is a battle – That we’ve got to win. We’ve got to save lost souls – If just one at a time, And keep searching and searching – For all we can find. We can never give up – We’ve got a purpose to fulfill, Before the end comes – We must complete God’s will. I got one life to live – I’m ready to do my part, I pray that you’re ready – And willing to start.



will have this posted today and added - it will be suited and booted for war... KD



That was beautifully added I will double check it and add it - that's what I'm talking about that right there was explosive - good addition... Much Love, KD

VLyric1 commented on I Got One Life To Live


This poem was like a twin poem to my "Whose Side Are You On?" I thoroughly enjoyed it and I thank you for reviewing and commenting on my poems as well. Keep up the good work.



Thank you for your comment VLyric1 it was my pleasure to review your work - I was truly delighted - you say I Got One Life To Life is a twin poem to Whose Side Are You On - well you can combine the two if you like - I wrote it as a pass the mic - giving other lyrical composers the opportunity to add to song keeping the same format - which I keep simple and plain - packing a punch and delivering a message worth listening to - so please do join in and pass it back to me - I've been working with Bl

Reallady65 commented on I Got One Life To Live


Two words -- Real Talk. Absolutely encompasses societal woes while reiterating the message of hope, forgiveness, and restoration. I'll be reading more.



I truly grateful for your presence at my site - I am pleased to know you enjoyed your stay - please do come again - you can also help support your brother by purchasing your own copy of my book "The Psalters Of The Field" this is where all the material you read comes from - the website is - www.lulu.com/thebookcastle1 - it's truly a divine, delight, inspirational, uplifting, encouraging, and rejuvenating book - Welcomed To Hell will be featured in my second book - which I am working on at the sa

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