Though I May Die Tonight


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This is a Pass The Mic - where other's are invited to join in and add a verse - the hook is already created - the verse is 32 lines long all even number lines rhymes (example line 2 ends with soul and line 4 ends with control - I also did this for half the verse then switch after line 16 to a different word at the end of 18 and rhymed with it until line 32).  Do your thing you are all welcome to contribute...

Much Love,

Though I May Die Tonight

“Though I May Die Tonight”


It is written that you must die (give your life), in order that you may live (save your life).  As Christ died (sacrificed himself – gave his life), that we may live (an everlasting life).  Fear ye not death, for death looses its sting once you are no longer afraid to die, instead fear God who gives you life, lest you be made to suffer even unto death.  Live according to Our Lord’s commandment, and even when you die, your life you will have saved.  For as Christ returned unto us, so too shall we return to dwell with Our Lord (Jesus said I go to preparest a place for you, for in Our Father’s house there are many mansions) – there I pray to be.  Amen


Musical Prelude:


Hook:     Now there’s a battle going on –

                Get prepared for the fight,

                Let’s say a prayer to Our Lord –

                So God will give us the might.

                Dawn your breastplate on –

                It’s going down tonight,

                Night vision goggles on your helmet –

                To keep our enemy in sight.

                Shield up for protection –

                The fight is heavy not light.

                It’s time to draw my sword –

                Though I May Die Tonight!


Verse 1

I’m not against – I’m not for you,

I’m trying to save your soul;

For it’s the devil who I battle,

Our God is taking control.

Hate to see you lying dead,

Or asking for parole;

I pray you leave this wickedness,

And with my posse you roll.

I need you men and women,

You’re as good as gold;

You can be just as mean,

And you can still be cold.

Let’s do it for our children,

Or Satan takes control;

Let’s straighten up our house,

Is a number one goal.

Time to hit the streets,

It’s a jungle out there;

These criminal are animals,

And they just don’t care.

I need the meanest and coldest,

Of every soldier you bear;

I need the sharpest and bravest,

We’re in a time of despair.

Let them feel our presence,

Let us be like the air;

Being everywhere they go,

For it’s a war I declare.

No truce will I call,

This town we can’t share;

But if you choose to join us,

Then your life we’ll spare.




Verse 2

King David’s loaded up,

I brought my own thirty two; (Lines in my verse – not a gun)

I’m fully cocked – trigger happy,

And I’m aiming for you.

Politicians who are crooked,

And everyone in your crew;

You have hurt my people,

Who you constantly screw?

Door revolving employers,

Yell you will get yours too;

Discrimination still exists,

While you scream it’s not true.

You modernized your tactics,

But a glass I see through;

God will bring it to the Light,

Then your time will be due.

Churches now is the time,

For you to open your door;

These people need Our Lord,

Like never before.

If you’re rich my brother,

You need to give to the poor;

Don’t worry about your cash,

God will bless you with more.

Its many fishes in the sea,

It’s time to do our chore;

Going out into the sea,

Bring them back to the shore.

You can’t catch them all,

But it’s enough for your store;

You can go out once again,

And try to double your score.




Again I leave this open for others to join in or you can just repeat these two verses and hook.


Much Love (Ephesians 6:10-20)

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mpjtforever commented on Though I May Die Tonight


wow all i can say is wow. I have posted a few new ones on my life with this terrible disease I have, please feel free to read them. I hink you might appreciate them and give me some spirtiual insight on dying. thanks again your friend jodi



Jodi I'm sorry to hear about your situation - however I know from just that short comment that you accept your situation for what is worth and it sound like you have the insight necessary to deal with the situation - I am on my way to read you poems and will send you something special... KD

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.