I Hope I'm Not Too Holy For You


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This is to get everyone to understand - I'm not a fanatic Christian - but to praise God daily is a must for I battle daily against the temptaions of the beast within - we're the instrument of Satan if we're not the instrument of God - you go figure - for I know this all too well...if a married person is unfaithful to their spouse are they for God or Satan - when a murderer kills are they working for God or Satan - simple - the only thing complexed is why people don't understand - however I know most of them do - do what they want...


I Hope I'm Not Too Holy For You

“I Hope I’m Not Too Holy For You”


I hope I’m not too Holy for you,

When I’m praising God so much,

But if I stop the trees will shout,

Laughing as they feel God’s touch.

Some people say you need a break,

Don’t put God into everything,

But Paul was a man for all seasons,

Hoping God’s words he could bring.

Paul didn’t leave his holiness,

He continued to portray God’s love,

To Gentiles just as well as the Jew,

He taught of Our Lord above.

Much time I have spent upon myself,

God’s business is now at hand,

Time to do away with childish things,

And grow into God’s command.

So with that said you can take a break,

But a battle I face each day,

To be sure I live in righteousness,

I seek God along the way.

I hope I’m not too holy for you,

For it’s something I cannot do,

For sin is still inside my flesh,

I’m fighting to not let it through.


No one is too holy – they just think they are – I know I am a sinner – please forgive me Lord – and help me to desist from sinning.  Cleanse me Lord and make me whole – that I may be used to serve Our Creator in heaven.  Amen (2 Corinthians 12)

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Clementinewoods commented on I Hope I'm Not Too Holy For You


This is another excellent poem; Hats off to you!!! Keep up the good work, by allowing Jesus' light to continue to shine through you. Thanks for sharing and be blessed!!!



Thank you Clementine for the comment - I appreciate your kind words... KD

Poetry is what is lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.