My Lord - My Lord


Poem Commentary

A song of praise to Our Lord above - who's there through thick and thin,
Who gave his life as a sacrifice - and died for all of our sins...


My Lord - My Lord

My Lord – My Lord


Verse 1:               

I gave up my belief in God,

In my life he didn’t belong;

I lived my life unrighteously,

I didn’t care if I was wrong.

The devil had a hold on me,

In my life he was so strong.

Then Jesus Christ he rescued me,

This is why I’m singing this song.  It says


Chorus:   My Lord – My Lord – protection is on me,

                 My Lord – My Lord – never would disown me,

                 My Lord – My Lord – your love is always on me.

                 My Lord – My Lord ooooh – ooooh – ooooh


                 My Lord – My Lord – when others leave me lonely,

                 My Lord – My Lord – when others try to stone me,

                 My Lord – My Lord – you’re my one and only.

                 My Lord – My Lord  ooooh – ooooh – ooooh


Musical Prelude (a nice little melody)


Verse 2                 

I’ve stood by many people side,

When they were sad and all alone,

I fought by many people side,

Until their enemies were gone.

Mourned with them when loved ones died,

I helped them to stand strong,

But now when I am feeling weak,

No one’s there to help me along.  Except


Repeat Chorus:   


Repeat Chorus:


Fade:                      My Lord – My Lord (with musical fade)


My Lord – My Lord Our Victory Comes Through You (2 Corinthians 2:14-17)

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mpjtforever commented on My Lord - My Lord


not bad at all. very well written. I really like your work. I think alll should see your work. very talented. You have a wonderfully soft heart for God will bless you. your friend jodi



Thank you Jodi these are all for you hoping they will touch you and add life to you each day my heart goes out to you my friend these are all found in my book "The Psalters Of The Field" I thought more people would have been willing to support me but I know how the Devil / Satan would hate for them to have such a book in their possession so I expect hesitation and let God do the rest - however I will never discontinue to reach out to the masses...I have another for you coming right up... Much Love, KD

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.