The Flame...


  • Erotic
    • JonTalbain
    • Didn't I tell you, what I believe... Did somebody say that....that love like that won't last? Didn't I give you all that I got to, give baby?

    The Flame...

    How sultry this is, the midnight mass
    The room, burning slightly with the many candles
    like the souls of the past and present, of gods and goddesses of love so ancient and present here
    The sweetest, fullest lips, pursed at my pleasure, your pleasure
    and the soft down so dampened by anticipation
    To feast with ones own eyes, the soft satin hugging the gentle swells of flesh clasped loosely within the embrace
    Such delicacy can be enjoyed when the moment is right, and the peach is there to be tasted, the savor the juices that such a soft taste can produce
    To pull from your lips, the luscious sigh of satisfaction, as each bite takes a little more, with my tongue lapping up each drop of such sweet nectars, push closer and closer to the center, the precious jewel in the ocean of passion

    Could the heat rise so much more?
    And the need to enter into the darkest portion of a soul, without going into the mind is great
    yet in your amber colored eyes, the light of the candles dance, as the lace falls off the titillating bosom and unseems the treasures that lie beneath
    Now such delicious lips peruse the beneficator of her passion, such wonderful sea of shimmering hair hiding the face of the woman who searches her lover, readying me to give my all, as I should dive into the moment with her
    Such a moment doesn't have to end, but it progesses more an more, as she artfully takes me into her, her orifice drawing me passionately, demanding me at my fullest attention, needing... yearning ... pleading with me to give all that I am in one gush.

    But I refuse, only now take her close to my bosom, as I find her
    the nethermouth begs more and more, knowing I am so close, fighting with me to stop teasing her, and give in to her and come into her.
    She whispers to me
    "I accept all that you are and every droplet you would give to me"
    She needs me, but begs no more, and grabs hold of my fashion and places it nearer to her, feeling her own body arch and ache, yearning for the burning heat to reach it peak
    Oh how she desires and favors me even more
    For as soon as I take the plunge, her body and mine lock,
    and with each artful rhythm
    And the time seems to slow down
    For with each push, each delicious thrust, her flesh appreciates me more
    Demanding me even more, unyielding desrire pushes her urge forward
    Nails gouge me and rivulets of blood flow, the stinging air only drives me harder to her,
    The winds push through snuffing all but one candle, and perfuming the air with our lust, of roses and fleshly yearning more and more.
    "How can I not love you?"
    Comes the whisper, as her flesh tightens against me
    How can I hold this passion for so long?

    Finally the last candle blows out....

    Comes the morning, she lies next to me and on her is written
    "Don't say no, baby... say yes... say yes again and again..."

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    Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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