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    I was thinking about how humans can be animal like and savage!





    If you think about it animals are not as different from humans because we have the same behaviors, but just in different ways. Some humans are like leeches the try to drink you till you are all dried up and dead. Some humans are like squirrels trying to cross a road and cross half way and go back, then cross almost to the other side then try to go back, but get hit by a car in the process. Then the vultures are fighting over your dead body. Other humans are like a hungry wolf pack that take down their weak prey and devour them. If there is any weak, old or sick among their pack they devoir them too. But some humans are like bees helping their colonies produce honey, and help the flowers pollinate, spreading pollen from flower to flower.  So, you might think which one is me. Consider how you treat people and that will give you your answers. As for me I want to be more like the bees.

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    lonewolf commented on Animalistic


    i can see your wisdom in this writing. and i whole heartedly agree with what you say.



    thanks I know its not exactly a poem its more a philosophical question to those who ponder the humanness.Thanks Britt

    Platti commented on Animalistic


    I like the whole analogy going on here, but I agree with Caroline, it could use a little more poetic finesse, but I did like it :3



    well It not a poem per say. LOL Thanks for the comment

    icu2 commented on Animalistic


    I like it, and think you are right on on this one, for sure.




    Paige commented on Animalistic


    Nice comparisons! Could have been written in a more poetic form like similes or something, but definetely awesome either way!



    there are similes the people acting like animals.

    To have great poets there must be great audiences too.

    Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

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