Blink of Time


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This poem was originally an assignment for my poetry class back in 00 - I've changed some of it and cleaned it up. I love the concept behind it. Let me know what you think

Blink of Time

I.  A Beginning:

Walking along the old park path; trees swaying to the melodious winds.
The marching band of ducks parade around the shallow pond.
A face beautify adored by the rays of sunlight that dance around her every step.
The leaves fall gently in front; to pad her path:  Crunch, Crunch.
I make my way towards her like a butterfly fluttering to a blossoming flower; Hello.

II.  Bels of Anew:

The bels toll joyfully and loudly like a choir of angels.
I await with friends anf family wearing the smiles of happiness.
The door slowly opens; her dress white as the first falls of winter snow.
Tears slowly flow freely as a thawing spring brook would.
This chapter of life ended; A new one begins with the ringing words; I do.

III.  New Life:

Phone ringing at work. Honey can you please come home?  I have some news.
Honey?  Whatever could this news be? Please sit down; I'm pregnant.
Deer-eyed shock for a moment; then simply glowing smile of exicitement.
9 months float by slowly and quickly; dropping like single sands of an hourglass.
Breath Honey!  Just one more push.  Slap! A Cry! Congratulations its a boy!

IV. Golden Years:

Sitting in the audience as our son walks; soon to college he goes.
Time began so slow for us; but seemingly it passes now in blinks.
Walking hand in hand; we continue to travel our life's road.
Old park where we met so many years ago.
As we walk down the old path with leaves guiding us; A new couple is born before us.

V. Goodbyes:

Looking into those smokey hazel eyes that I've so grown to love.
I shutter and tears begin to free fall; I know now time's boney hand has caught us.
Old friends and family stand beside me:  Grief, shock, and feeble attempts to cheer.
Kneeling; giving a kiss to your now cool cheek; tears run quivering.
Worry not my love; I will see you soon enough; soon enough.

Clinton Trapp 00/12

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heavenleigh1974 commented on Blink of Time


great poem, a lifetimes story xx.definately a fan and look forward to your next piece of work

lisaner commented on Blink of Time


I enjoyed this poem very much- how you traced the lives of this beautiful couple, mapping out their joyous lives. I love the final lines of all five parts (part 5 made me cry) Also great: time's boney hand has caught us. We leave this poem knowing that these two will spend eternity together.

Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

Unknown Source

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