Capturing of a moment.


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Not sure on the ending.....was playing with the imagery for a moment ;)

Capturing of a moment.

A simple breeze blows in the back ground,
Smiles all around,
Warmth of the sun,

Kisses our skin gently,
It dances playfully between fluffy clouds,
Laying in a golden field,

This is our moment,
No need for anything else,
Hand wraps around mine,

Pulling forward,
"Come on lazy; I got something to show you,"
Following grinning like like a fool,

A blanket before;
Under our favorite tree,
Camera awaits,

Pictures of you,
Snaps of me,
Moment captured for only our eyes,

Times like things,
Usually slip through our fingers,
Too quickly,

Hold on tightly,
Cheerish with a smile,
Run with laughter,

Allow to be chased,
In these moments,
Our souls fill with joy,

So capture these moments,
Before you know it,
The world calls you back,

Moments escape again,
Biding its time,

Until its allowed to play again,
Showing you what's truely important,
As it walks hand in hand with you always.

Clinton Trapp

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windsongs commented on Capturing of a moment.


this reminds me of a song that begins and ends with a piano:)



Really which one? - I was listening to a lot of folkish stype songs while writing it and one really good irish singer :D

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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