Darkness Emerges


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    • ladydraeko
    • What a year...and it keeps getting better...

    Darkness Emerges

    Deep inside the darkness grows way down in my soul

    I can not breath, I can not speak of matters left untold

    Realizing no more air, no way to gasp for air

    I don't know how this picture is going to unfold

    Sad I am, with sorrow brings the raindrops from the sky

    There's no going back, only fog I see, to keep my tears at bay

    No second chances, no words of advice to help me through

    All that I loved is snatched away yet I must go on another day

    Regrets have I? They are not my own but only I seem to care

    For facts are worthless,  understanding never comes

    Apparently I'm left to wonder not knowing where I'm from

    No history, no memories made, I guess my life is done

    From what little I know, I'm an outcast at best

    No one wants me to be part of their world

    So here I sit pouring out my sadness

    My cries are left, as always, unheard

    Some times in life no matter what you do or say

    You just don't fit in, You don't belong 

    You're not given the chance

    Thats how I'm feeling like a sad sad song


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    jenifer commented on Darkness Emerges


    it remindes me of so many different times in ones life dealing with so many different kinds of chaos.

    bforibus commented on Darkness Emerges


    this sounds to me, when i read this emotional poem. it seems like a suicide letter. the melody was true to the emotion and i loved it. good job

    Jume commented on Darkness Emerges


    Your approach to the delivery of your idea is what i like most about the way you write. here i feel like i was the person with the pen on this material. nice one

    Gertrude commented on Darkness Emerges


    Life of regrets and feeling outcasted by all that's around is very sad. This writing really spoke to me. Right now I'm thinking. Wow someone put into words how I feel.

    patricialouise commented on Darkness Emerges


    But if we were part of the statis quo we would not be poets. I think alot of us can idenitfy with this poem. good work.

    Poetry is not an expression of the party line. It's that time of night, lying in bed, thinking what you really think, making the private world public, that's what the poet does.

    Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997) U.S. poet.

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