No Glory Here


  • Glory

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    Lamentations are not to be lived, but grieved and used by those who need to be strengthened in due time.  But, unrecorded are lost for all time. 

    No Glory Here

    No Glory Here


    Grounded not by infirmities;

                Distorted reflections.

    of surfaced identities.

                Caged by desires

    that are not my own.


    Clipped wings;

                By unhappy souls.

    Clinging, hoping

                for a truth;

    They will never know.


    Peace amid angst;

                Confuses, compels

    Joy for sorrow;


    And yet, they follow.


    Reparations are due

                This chastened heart.

    Glory will ensue;

                When from this life

    I depart.


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    Tempestlady commented on No Glory Here


    Tough for me to follow. Very deep and lots of reading between the lines. Gives the opportunity for many readers to interpret many different ways. Interesting work, made me think that there is no reward for doing somethings.... Even if they be right. Write on.....



    Perhaps reading 'Until..Dying Day' first would put this in better perspective. I hope you aren't discouraged by this one. I love your work as well!

    kdarcy commented on No Glory Here


    Well said, no chains here. Very good use of the word " Glory " . I enjoyed it very much.



    I proclaim that I am unable to see the blinding glory unless I learn to step aside. I have and am happy to do so as often as I am called.

    ginga commented on No Glory Here


    jean, I like the edgy attitude employed here. "Glory" is certainly a poetic word that can be comprehended in so many ways, and here it is clear that glory may as well disappear until death. I liked the intensity. ginga



    Glory for death - the mystery. I'm glad you enjoyed the read.

    Hampton commented on No Glory Here


    This is a nicely written poem. It flows simply and without a lot of unnecessary baggage.



    Dumping baggage - isn't that the effort?

    StandingBear commented on No Glory Here


    Self discovery, deep your search has taken you leaving you a rare one .. not a prisoner. You've certainly discovered yourself and upon discovering .. the chains have fallen away.



    Ahh, you are so kind my friend.

    Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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