Untitled Conversation


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Untitled Conversation

            Untitled Conversation


A writer writes when called to say

            What is on their mind.

Without an ear to hear, you say

            Is one of the loneliest kinds

Of life to live, but in full defense of mind

            I say, that I am heard all the time.

Those thoughts that come to me at night

            When everyone’s asleep

My voice is still heard

            My message still given

To more than can hear

            ‘cause this message is from heaven. (!?)


Oh great I say,

            Now I am loony

Oh great I say

            Yes, I am loony!

If I am mindful of God

            I can say hallelujah

If I have a worldly mind

            I would say not for me, eh?

So simply by that truth

            I’ll continue to write

What flows through my fingers

            Is not by my might

For who could wish

            To be put away

For believing that God

            Would speak to anyone

Let alone, this way?!

I do I do

I say yes, I will

Be silly and joyful

To declare this His day

In my life He has come

            Despair wiped away

Is there a message you have

            To also be said this way?

I am too tired to say

            I am full of me

No plan of attack on the world

            Sits in front of me

A mission completed

            To give opportunity

For my family to listen

            To His word and accordingly

Respond as their heart is willing

            To hear God’s truth in their lives

Now, a new mission given

            To me to write (!?)

Pay attention, You say

            Give heed to His call

Lest you make it harder on yourself

            Or for all.  Make haste, not waste

The time is nigh.  Waste not one minute

            Let not one hour go by

When a word, one single

            Should be written an hour

And success will come

            To you.  You will flower.

Springtime will come.  Roses will bloom.

            Sow the seeds now, or there will be no room

In the garden for you.  Many seeds have been sown

            Many seeds you should also sow

Then water the plants.  Prune as you go.        


Weekly you must see the growth

            And sow where you’ve not

So a great garden will grow.

Still a numbers game

            That will not change

But discernment do track, not the numbers

For your gain.  Then wait for His glory

For it is about to rain.

Hold fast to your dreams

            Don’t shelve them now

They will never come to pass

            If you don’t do it now

So, if a writer you want to be

            Be a writer now.

Sow many many seeds and you will see how

            God blesses His people

Is it not to Him you do bow?

What other way

            Do you think you will sustain

A life on this earth

            Why was it He came?

So you could sit idle?

            And WAIT for the rain?

Think not, foolish child

            That you are above all.

You’ve waxed and you’ve waned

            Long enough, a long while

Now, let’s get to work

            On something new

Forget not what’s been freely

            Given to you.

Take it and run

            Don’t look back

This race almost won

            I’ll say when you’re done.

Enjoy this new life

            As the one you have chosen

One plucked from your heart

            From so many you chose this one.

So I’ll give it to you

            For as long as you want

Forget not the perils

            You’ve known but cannot

Handle yourself, then call on me

            I will be there to help you

The call is free.


One day at a time

            You must participate

In what makes you free

            To enter heaven’s gate

Without strife, without worry

            ‘bout tomorrow

though tomorrow will come


with diligence and tempr’nce given

            your promises will be seen

you create your own heaven

            the unseen will become seen.


To You who made heaven

            And earth become one

I give glory and thanks

            That my soul You have won.

All glory to You that my soul is

            Now saved from despair

And depression; from being depraved.

            That I asked and received

Though not deserved

            Only asked for and given

To You I now pray

            To give honor to You

All the rest of my days.



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ISWASALWAYS commented on Untitled Conversation


A truly well written piece from begining to end. Paying honor to the Navigator of all that we do. He humbles us, uses us in different ways. He allows to be a spokesmen for all that will listen. I would be honored for you to read a few of my pieces in addition I will be back to read more of yours.



I am so pleased that you took the time to read. Of course I will return the favor! Jean

Plot121 commented on Untitled Conversation


This was very long almost over whelming but the message was well played out but the flow seemed abit choppy here and there. I like the conversation and thought it was a good piece. Will get back to you with other comments and tell you this wednsday whats going on. Will have the members check your work thanks again Robert...

rougepriest commented on Untitled Conversation


thats a lot on your mind! I appreciate the thought and passion in your heart for god. I hope it does well in the challenge!

StandingBear commented on Untitled Conversation


A detailed, creative work you've written. A nice write to enter the UPA.



Thank you. I believe I did enter it. Let me know if you know otherwise. Jean

When power leads man towards arrogance, poetry reminds him of his limitations. When power narrows the area of man's concern, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of existence. When power corrupts, poetry cleanses.

John F. Kennedy (1917-1963) Thirty-fifth President of the USA

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