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    I've been perusing a lot of Christmas youtube vids of late, and am drawn to consider what 'Christmas' is like for those who live in the hottest of hot places and how we symbolically associate Christmas with snow. Isn't Kwanza the same celebration of reaping the harvest? Shouldn't we all SIMPLY celbrate OUR, AND each other's harvest? Nothing is missed if we view life from sowing, tending, reaping and has nothing to do with what we sow and reap from our heart.

    Christmas Musings

    Why isn’t Christmas portrayed

                by those who live near the equator

    just the same for those in the north?

                Or, where inclement weather’s

    it’s wrath does not impart rebirth?


    I would beseech you, that our Loving God is kind

    and someone seeks to deceive you

    from a love that can blind.


    When drudgery is the given;

                whether by winds or routine,

    stagnant waters permeate the heavens

                and infect the unseen

    toil of the giver.     Plain and mean.


    Given only to his purpose

                to be the beacon of light

    of hope for despair

          daytime in the night

    you are.      He is



    © JeanMarie12/9/10

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    Insideme commented on Christmas Musings


    stagnant waters permeate the heavens and infect the unseen Wow, what else is there to say but that. Just that one line is so powerful!



    Thank you dear sir..

    HIP13044b commented on Christmas Musings


    I agree that it's funny how certain things are portrayed. I feel that our general climate has much to do with the image of Christmas being snowcovered. Nice write.



    Glad to have you stop by and read.

    bluewolf commented on Christmas Musings


    Your musings give mind to a famous poet, Carl Sandburg. Truth comes in poetic prose, and you have spoken many truths. Thank you for a lovely poetic piece.



    Your kind words are much appreciated and have created another smile. :)

    ginga commented on Christmas Musings


    Jean, Such truiths and practical sense exude from this one. ginga



    His awesomeness never ends. So glad you stopped by. Be blessed! Jean

    Olan01 commented on Christmas Musings


    Christmas was a European pagan celebration to worship the spirit of the trees and the evergreen tree was a symbol of eternal life. The Church came in and converted them but gave the celebration a new meaning of eternal life through the sacrifice of Jesus. In some African culture Jesus is portray as the Holy Pig of God instead of the lamb of God because they had not reference to owning or understanding the meaning of the sacrifice of a lamb. What we celebrate is combinations of cultures and view differently in different cultures. Now, I know this is not the point of your poem but the teacher in me is hard to negate, smile. Celebrate the Holidays in love, peace and freedom, Olan.



    Merry Christmas Olan, I appreciate 'the glory of heaven', but am also fond of that Jolly ole' Fellow - Saint Nick. Hmm..have you checked your geneology lately! Blessings to you and yours, Jean



    LOL. Yep, no Nick or Saints, smile.

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