Field Unfolding


  • Allegory

    Field Unfolding

    Field of glory bare witness unfolding
    Awakening of itself beholding
    Vivid simplicity is yourself
    Astute in and of thyself
    Winds gathering draw now neigh
    As you pause in storms deep sigh
    Majestic is your rolling advance
    Wondrous muse of mystic romance
    Hunger hangs above this Earth
    Longing to fill her with heavens worth
    Watch with courage as litening glows
    Briefly exposing hidden blushing rose
    Thunder startle not awoken bloom near the river
    Face upturned looks to your skies to deliver
    That which causes roots to strengthen
    Unseen yet in knowingness they lengthen
    Tomorrows sun will fall upon fresh petals
    Unfolded in the aftermath of caress momental

    Graceladymn 10/23/09

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    Marsink commented on Field Unfolding


    That is so beautiful. Imagery is coming out of this like a fountain of refreshment. Thanks for sharing your art!



    Thank you for reading Marsink and letting me know it held beauty of the storm for you.

    dancinghawk commented on Field Unfolding


    tenderness startled momentarily by the throngs of the universe, unfolding beauty as roots dig deep, flexing like the willow, drawing life waters from sacred fountains ... surviving to tell the tale and wondering at the power and beauty all around us



    Good descriptive of the power of unfurling life, the interactive elements that unleash the unseen. Thank you as always dh for your insights and esteemed wisdom.

    Grito commented on Field Unfolding


    This poem brings balance to the counter weight of Van Gogh's wheatfield and crows with the power of pleasure and passion that it sows!!!



    Yes, stormy skies awaken the senses as though the storm and field awakens to itself. Thank you for your visit and comments Grito.

    Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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