From the Heart Alone


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    From the Heart Alone

    From the heart alone comes our possibilities
    Damaged, the heart only accepts loss
    As though true, as though reality
    When the heart is full it expands outward
    Creating limitlessness
    Who are we to shatter the hearts of man
    What do we have that is not given
    We rise and fall only by our own perception
    Worthiness has nothing to do with love
    For love is the gift of all, it is not earned nor bartered
    It is received or given, not owned
    Dwelling on loss and expectation of it creates more
    Discount not the underlying principles that you are more than history
    We are given freely new days each morning to make what we will
    Our horizons are the stuff we place our life upon
    Narrow or expansive our life reaps what it sows
    We acknowledge the need to mourn and free the experience
    For from that comes the gift of essence
    Remaining steeped in the concepts of grief leaves no room to create
    Not a denial nor avoidance but not a cleaving to know only loss and disappointment
    For loss and mourning are but one part of the story
    Had not value been placed the heart would have no claim on which to lay its cry
    Emotions deep are varied not magnified as though only darkness lives
    For light is in the darkness and the shadows know its name
    The whole of life must be lived in and where is comfort, that is where we build the sunrise
    For we are not our circumstance we move beyond that into mastery
    Hate no one and anger not grief
    For we are like the blades of grass in this body
    The task being to give and receive
    The joining and separating are but a rehearsal for fusion
    Follow not the weary for life goes on before us
    The path is ever changing but steadfast upon its goals
    And we are but a breath leaving no wake
    In the jeweled chambers deep in the heart is knowing
    Pluck from the fruit of wisdom beneath the scabs of woundedness
    By acknowledging your experiences they freely go, wounds heal
    Less repeating, new challenges and obstacles to build muscle upon
    I rape not the heart of my brother who stands beside me
    To do so endangers my own
    I value the life I am and that of my world
    Everything I have was given
    I leave the Earth with none of it
    Save my interactions and the loves I have loved
    My heart is free to be at peace as I dwell on the eternal changes
    For I am always growing beside myself, at times in-spite of myself
    I am the beauty and the ugliness of man
    Complete in myself I wound no other
    For in his mirror I Am
    Drawn from the same bow I yield with neither increase nor decrease
    The soul is alive it transfers the expectations and allowances I make for it
    Without my tending to it, it withers and constricts cleaving to a vine going nowhere
    In honor of the one who created soul I nurture it and union is performed to touch the area where I am free to roam
    Creating dreams I make for myself and the world a slice of paradise
    Or a hellish garden, it is my ignorance or choosing, for I Am man, I stand on two feet generating will
    I let the love inside me out to do the work it came to me for
    I release the substance of my wants and the desires I nurture
    I and no other does this
    I alone re-frame my thoughts and life
    I take in what I decide to experience
    I blame no other for each has their own destiny
    Yet I take note we affect each other either enlivening or poisoning
    Neither lost nor found I am home
    Home to myself and others along the way back to Source
    I am neither broken nor whole I am that which returns from which it came better for the travel
    I take no more than I need for the journey is long and easier without heavy loads
    If I stumble let me rise in knowing that I have achieved the goal of love whatever that may be
    For serenity is my gift of currency as I travel the byways of this life
    It is that which cannot be taken but freely shared
    So I stop to admire the handiwork of the kingdom upon which I have been honored to tread
    I let my dreams and possibilities grow into the substance that manifests the divine will
    And so it is

    Graceladymn 11/17/09

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    dancinghawk commented on From the Heart Alone


    another beautiful channeling of truth at its most graceful, dear lady ... ty for another great write and another thread of deep and wide wisdom ... -dh



    thank you for reading dh, always you add to the outcome.

    AmadeusEx commented on From the Heart Alone


    each line reads like wisdom hard earned but treasured....this is a labor of love and devotion....great job



    Hello Amadeus, yes, life teaches us all constantly. It is our task to make us of what we learn. Thank you so much for reading and commenting on this piece it is a work of love.



    should have read use not us lol or perhaps it was meant to be that "our task to make us of what we have learned." lol

    dahlusion commented on From the Heart Alone


    "Creating dreams I make for myself and the world a slice of paradise" — of all of the lines in this lengthy piece, this one is capitol in its power and voice. Lovely!!



    Glad it spoke to you for you are a worthy dream-maker.

    Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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