Song of a Hidden Flower


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Song in the vast stillness

Song of a Hidden Flower

Spirit of life
Weaving in and out
Penetrating the depth of human souls
As we receive to move within your mystery
You revive each chord of the love melody
Spinning your miracle of increase
Let us not refrain
From taking part with your holiness
Gird up the vacant spots within your people
As our spirits rise in the vastness of your excellence
We partake of each tiny nuance of majesty
That unveils the core edges of the splendor you are
Wash in the living water the disharmony's within
Let the colors of life surround and create us movement
Within the sleeping members of our abilities
Arouse the artistic magnificence that captures subtle beauty
Tasting the textures of mountainous ravines
Cooling the heat of merging with Supreme Life Source
Making us nothing and everything
Stroke the essence of fidelity within us
Humbled in your love we acknowledge your divinity
Caressed in the abundance of your gaze
Awakened by your touch to feel your remembrance
None can withhold the spirit that dwells in you
You create a new path always
And hide us in the cleft of the rocks
As you partake of your creation
Nothing holds back in your presence
All ushers forward merely at your glance
Subject we are to the hidden workings of your profoundness
Taking hold you bring forth what it is you desire
Assist us to harness the waterfalls of light that you send
Open your storehouses of transforming holy unity 
That we might be refined to engage all forms of change
As we bend to your plans of restructure
Knowing infinitely that each form is designed for use
In the gardens of your Earth
In all things let us give praise as we lift into you
Adhering to the joys of reception in preparation
Receive the humble song of this your hidden flower
For we are one with you
Now and forever more

Graceladymn 9/2/09

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Tempy commented on Song of a Hidden Flower


Arouse the artistic magnificence that captures subtle beauty this was a really thoughtful and inspiring perfect piece of work. it was my pleasure to have had the chance to read it. take care.



Thank you it was a pleasure to write it.

In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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