Fullness That I Am


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    Fullness That I Am

    I would not draw my hearts desire to me, through sorrow of his absence

    For I long to give to him the fullness that I Am

    Sorrows part before long, but me, I remain

    When his heart knows he desires me with no doubts, that, that is when I want him to come to me, to stand beside me

    When longing floods his soul, deeper than his usual control

    That is when I want him to refresh himself in me

    To drink deeply from the evolving love that parts his soul

    For it is I who desire this wholeness within myself

    For he has taken me into his heart and listens for my call to hear of my need, I cannot turn away, I blush, I melt under his gaze

    I cannot hide from him nor would I give him less than my best which is all of me

    I Am this moment in quietude as I contemplate in mind, the nearness of his touch, when his gentleness unwraps me and drops the robe of my defenses

    Swept by the power of love, I am wordless to express the complex parts, all that gets played out in me by his minds nearness

    Shaken of all pretense I am full, he melts me for himself, to gather the liquid of this love to fill his hunger

    In that is my destiny

    Graceladymn 9/19/09

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    Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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