She Smiles He Smiles


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This poem was written from my memory of my loving parents that were married 55+ years, until their deaths, they loved unconditionally.... The sweetest couple I have ever known in my life.... Mary Dec. 28th 2010

She Smiles He Smiles


Looking over her shoulder

To see what is on the stove

He gets close enough

To share a kiss on the cheek

She smiles He smiles


He then turns the burner off

And says, “It can wait”

He takes her by the hand

Gently leads her to the bedroom


A short while later they return

He smiles at her, she smiles at him

She puts her apron back on

Turns up the heat on the stove

Finishes a home cooked meal


They sit across the table

Looking into each other’s eyes

Sharing a meal, made with love

There is contentment upon their faces



~~ Mary Eaton~~

© Copyright MAE 2010

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Marsink commented on She Smiles He Smiles


It is with conteneted reflection that this seems to have arisen from...May your smiles always be mirrored back in kind! Applause building!



Not many people are as fortunite as I was in having the most loving and romantic parents....married over 55+ years and loved each other unconditionally until their deaths... I'm sure they are very happy together in heaven.... Wonderful memories I hold dearly! Mary

kdarcy commented on She Smiles He Smiles


Oh, to have had that many years and those kinds of memories of a long marriage, they were blessed. Nice write and tribute, be well k



Ah Thank you kdarcy, The sweetes moet in love couple I have ever known in my entire life! They were blessed. I can still see them kissing in heaven! Thank you for reading and commenting! Mary

HarverTomsson commented on She Smiles He Smiles


Unlike dating, it is entirely appropriate for the kissing to come before the dinner once married. At least from a guy's perpective. . . So touching you can have this memory. Lucky you. Harv



I can only say, I was very fortunite to have such loving parents. They adored each other in every aspect.... For me, I have never found this kind of love yet! I have seen such an effectionate couple again in my life... They were beautiful poeple, I miss them still. Thanks Harv for commenting! Mary

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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