breathing love


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    love finds it's way, even in the dark.

    breathing love


    she sleeps wrapped around me like a beautiful glove 
    i stay awake for these moments
    to hear her breathing like an angel in love
    is there anything more precious

    we hold hands and we are fused
    together just so
    we laugh and talk and we are amused
    wherever we go

    she turns my ninefold nightmares to dreams
    with a sacred simple and gentle touch
    she has stitched shut those ratty seams
    that hurt me just too much

    one girl, one woman and one perfect soul
    and how do i pray for this
    and how to maintain this righteous role
    from pedestal to precipice

    she breathes sweet breaths on my chest
                       as she sleeps


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    Wakeitha commented on breathing love


    Truely deep that kind of love is hard to find, I guess it comes one in a life time.Especial when its more then a physical attract it in your soul.God bless



    thank you for taking the time !

    MorsetBillie commented on breathing love


    love poems have been writen by many but this kind of writing is just spectacular and worth complementing. You really are a talented writer



    thank you so very much for taking the time. it was easy to write love poems as i was so deeply in love. this is one of the better ones but let's be real. it is marginal at best but i am so touched that it has reached a few people.



    hope i didnt confuse you , but, "crush" and "phission" are the same person. one writes about love and the other, the bdarker side of life.

    Oraios commented on breathing love


    So Beautiful and deep. Either your a romantic or you are truly deeply in love.



    oh thank you so, so very much, Oraios.

    Tempestlady commented on breathing love


    Oh wow this IS a great piece of work. Wondrously moves the reader with overwhelming love and appreciation for her. Truly a pleasure..............write on.................Tlady. A 10 in my favorites...wish i had that kind of love......ttyl



    oh thank you so much ! you are too kind.

    Logik commented on breathing love


    this is a great piece feeling the emotion not many people can express love as well as you do props man your a great writer



    thank you, so very much !

    Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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