Heart of a Poet


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This is a poem inspired by am2anangel's poem:

She asked me how I would change it.  I ended up making my own version. 

Thank you 
am2anangel for your inspiration.

Heart of a Poet

Do you believe in lilac rivers
The kind you dream at night
Ones that send you quivers
As kisses yet so slight?

Can you feel my soft touch
Not felt upon your skin
With your soul as so much
Released to spin and spin?

Mouthed across a crowded room
Can you hear words unspoken?
Flowery as daffodil perfume
Recall my heart’s been broken.

When you close your eyes,
Do you see another place
Of pink seas and orange skies
Never wasting any space?

Can you dance upon the moon,
To music sugar sweet
As a wood nymph to a tune,
Not caring who you meet?

Do you believe a man exists
Knighted for his bravery?
He appears through the mist
Makes food so savory.

If wavy rainbows in your mind
Wisps like cotton clouds you feel.
River's deep as rose wine.
Then your Poet heart’s revealed.

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ApaqRasgirl commented on Heart of a Poet


oh wow dear friend that was marvelous, what a splendid poem of love, and as always in your perfected tone of rhythm and rhyme, loved it, loved it.....thanks for asking me to read it........loves ya bunches asha 10+++++if they would allow it.........grinsssss

cheronld commented on Heart of a Poet


Quite a piece here....a true glimpse if you will into the very hearts of poetry......it was like watching something come to lfe...great job on this excellent poem....



Thanks so much for reading.

SuSpence commented on Heart of a Poet


Wow what an awesome poem! I read several of your other poems and was very impressed but the title of this caught my eye and im glad it did, this is one of my favorites. Thanks



Thank you much. This is my favorite. Glad you found it. :)

poett commented on Heart of a Poet


inspiring words describing what a poet is. I really like this piece. Beautiful and unique...

am2anangel commented on Heart of a Poet


I found it hard to believe I had never taken the time to comment on this piece. I have however read it on several occasions. I'm so happy that my work inspired you to write such a beautiful piece. I am honored. Mine pales by comparison. This was truly wonderful. I enjoyed it very much. thank you for the honor and sending people to read mine.



You don't give yourself enough credit. Thanks again for the idea :)

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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