In God I Trust


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    I just didn't throw in the Wii thing just to make it rhyme.  I really love to play the Wii system. 

    In God I Trust

    If God came down, my life he asks,
    Would I proceed to do his tasks?
    Would I give up this world and all I see,
    Or just forget it all and go play on the Wii?

    If God asks me to give up all my lust,
    Would I balk or do what is just?

    If God asked me to walk a different path,
    Would I be afraid to face his wrath?

    Would I give up my worldly things,
    For the promise of what he might bring?

    Why in God should I trust?
    Why would he let me turn to dust?
    Why should I let him be the king?
    Am I not the most important thing?

    The center of the universe I am.
    Why should I be like a lamb.
    Could I be brave like the word made flesh?
    Or would I continue like the world, the rest?

    Or has he shown me he too sacrifice?
    Send his son to give his life.
    He suffered and died on Calvary,
    So he could complete the Trinity.

    If he put us beings before the redeeming Lord,
    We’d learn something from his word,
    To be humble and put others first,
    Then we can turn to God when we thirst.

    Yes, God, I devote my life to thee,
    Son, the Spirit, the Creator one in three,
    I shall give up my worldly things,
    So, someday joy of heaven brings.

    God forbid, if there’s no heaven above,
    I will not have wasted my enduring love.
    A better person I’ll have lived.
    My only sorrow to have but one life to give.

    -Oblaidon - May, 2009

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    Fadedayz commented on In God I Trust


    Its hard to look at oneself with such honesty. Very nice words.

    knight4696 commented on In God I Trust


    Wow Al ... a very spiritual write indeed my friend. Many questions - but only one answer .... In God I Trust. Great job! ... Ken

    Jedi4Jesus commented on In God I Trust


    Amazing poem, I especially liked "or has he shown me too sacrifice?" That is a great question to ponder. I think maybe if we really looked at his sacrifice of "give his life", it was would draw us nearer to him. Thank you so much for this write. I agree! 10 for me big time!!

    Rhymer commented on In God I Trust


    Very inspirational and thought provoking write. I especially enjoyed the last stanza. If there is no heaven above then we have truly not wasted our love. Excellent write 10 from me.

    countrypoet commented on In God I Trust


    What a beautiful and inspiring testament of faith you have revealed here.It offers a wonderful example of living one's faith and striving to be a good person concerned with the welfare of others.Thank you for sharing this excellent poem. Terry

    When power leads man towards arrogance, poetry reminds him of his limitations. When power narrows the area of man's concern, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of existence. When power corrupts, poetry cleanses.

    John F. Kennedy (1917-1963) Thirty-fifth President of the USA

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