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Went off a normal rhyming scheme. 




Sweat dripped from fingertips,

Retched the nothing in my stomach,

Lay down waiting for it to ebb,

Somebody called paramedics.

Don’t fuss, I’ll be fine.


Chest tightened a little.


They put something under my tongue,

Signed a waiver to give me an injection,

Cloudy vision, sound sucked away,

Swirling in spirals down and down,

Echoes echo in my brain.

Ready to meet my end.


Sound was Gone


Wanting company of thought and being,

Please somebody start the sound,

My pulse thirty beats a minute.

This can’t be happening.

Put me back to where I belong.

Back to where life’s fine.


Waiting for something to happen.

Everyone just stood around,

Just when dark looked darkest,

Voices started back again.

First slowly then increased in speed.

As an old movie projector restarting its sound.


Taken away in an ambulance.


A man of thirty-four,

Never happen to me I believed,

A clot lodged in an artery.

Someone Blurted “Myocardial Infarction”.

Wouldn’t think it would label me.


This warrior has been given a second start

In life rarely ever found.


-Oblaidon, June 2009

Incident of November 26, 1996

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knight4696 commented on My MI


I found this one to be a rude awakening. It reminded me of how fragile our lives really are. At 34 yrs young with a whole life ahead, I'm so glad it has a happy ending.

ginga commented on My MI


Oblaidon, Thsis was an interesting poem about a traumatic event spelled out very well. I have an EMT friend who is a poet and writes about emergencies. It brings the reader into reality for sure. ginga



Thanks, This is my only sporatic poem. I wanted it to reflect how crazy it was that day.

devaamido commented on My MI


Been there, done that many times, but from the other side. This account is so clear! Almost like a clinical observation...make the event seem even more ominous...God job!

Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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