Love Embraced


  • Love

    Love Embraced

    Love Embraced

    Feeling the warmth,
    our bodies enlaced.
    Rippling tingles,
    our naked embrace.
    Entwined with love,
     our sensual kiss.
    Man and woman
     in marital bliss.

    Passion of ours,
    a genuine gift.
    Bodies weakened,
    souls setting adrift.
    She looks at me
    with big, brown eyes.
    Love me always?
    she asks with a sigh.

    Deep from my heart,
    I give her my love.
    This Mexican beauty
    I’m speaking of.
    Woman of mine,
    her tender soft touch.
    What have I done
    to deserve so much?

    Tells by my eyes,
     if I’m feeling sad.
    Vowed to each other
    through good times and bad.
    Searches my soul,
    she really cares.
    Gave her my heart
    these twenty-five years.

    By Oblaidon
    To my wife
    Christmas, 2009

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    ApaqRasgirl commented on Love Embraced


    yes and I really liked this one are such a great sensual this is using such different words and less descriptive then the dance I did but still how you got it to be so sensual and erotic.......I have much to loves ya and thanks asha



    Thank you I am glad you enjoyed this one.

    alb29oclfl commented on Love Embraced


    a passionate tribute to the love you two share.........................................



    Thanks for reading. :)

    castlemist commented on Love Embraced


    that's pretty dude....I really like it................

    SavVySam commented on Love Embraced


    Hi there~I saw you comment on Richards page and thought I would come and read. I enjoyed the loving tribute to your wife, just beautiful work!

    Bettysrainbow48 commented on Love Embraced


    This a very romatic poem. Done quit well .Described in a poetic rethum

    Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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