Road Of Mercy



Road Of Mercy

Psalm 136 1O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.

Road Of Mercy


Psalm 136 1O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.

Science in hand if you understand the literacy is the physical conscience of Biblical facts

 Now in the book of Job, you read of the Behemoth, known as the Brachiosaurus dinosaur

 In Genesis we read of creation; time, matter, and space for YEHOWAH created the heavens and earth

 So to all whom seems lost, let’s go back to the foundations, YEHOSHUAH is the road of mercy

 The narrow path, bread of life, everlasting fountain, salvation at its best

 Prince of peace, GOD of gods, LORD of lords, THE MESSIAH, YEHOSHUAH is alive

 In one big blow will this world flow through volcanic rivers?

 Open your eyes and recognize that we are in a road of mercy and divine grace

 For how will you feel being sinfulness sin if you ever saw HIS FACE?

 How will it be to see your sins on that cross?

 How will HE feel to see HIS child burning hot being just dross?

 In pain HE cries, In sufferance HE dies, for victory HE arose

 So be ye holy, stop disobeying, and be grateful for your miraculous dose of purification

 Now millennium has come, time is at hand, road of mercy is to an end

 Wondering and wandering you are being put to judgment, from this road you are now banned


 Happy to see us in white praising and giving YOU glory

 YOUR name is holy and only YOU IS worthy

 Blessed be YOUR glorious and miraculous name in supreme authority

 YEHOSHUAH YAH, the caller and creator of all, with YOU we are in everlasting glee

 The road of mercy, sufficient grace, strength that I need

 YOU who redeem us from our enemy

 Our only goal in life, the reason to live, our destiny to be merry

 Sacrifice on Calvary, best love shown ever, all from YOU and very freely

 I shall obey and be successful, we the church shall shine bright in your light of might beautifully

 Wonderfully set, story of mankind, wide-screen show of a greater Apollo, demons deceased

 With one word all comes to an end as your mercy and love is released

 So high I lift up YOUR NAME YEHOSHUAH YAH, YEHOWAH YHWH of true peace


 Thanks to YEHOSHUAH for HIS mercy endures for ever

 Now we are joyful for he has immortality living in HIS kingdom and all better

 We receive the sacred manna from the angelic cater

 Grace and forgiveness as always in harmony and accord as a musical minder

 To praise YHWH in perfect worship, rejoicing with pleasure

 Mercy a key to a narrow path, the tolerance of love destroying sin in this grinder

 Beloved us to an awesome Heavenly Father, knowing we are blessed by the ultimate LOVER

 To know HIS name and be victorious with salvation, like doves we ascend to hover

 HOLY SPIRIT power, love of fire, beautiful garden of melodies, grace the singer

 Heart of gold, desire of peace, armor of almightiness, YEHOWAH NISSI, YEHOSHUAH my banner

 Fountain of sweet water, never thirst again, no more hunger, sin dead, death the killer

 Underground grave, supernatural shaken, spiritual revenge, YEHOSHUAH the conqueror

 Here I am to worship at your footstool, my YHWH, my FRIEND; YEHOSHUAH my ROCK

 We won, we win, true champions, YOU are our SHEPHERD and we your favorite flock

 The wolf is dead and gone, he fled and done, we got him on lock

 Those demons are cooked in hell burning in a cell cooked on a wok

 devil tried and lost, fail big time, now it’s our turn to mock

 We laugh at his pain, enjoying or eternal gain, YOU brought him to his knees with a frock

 HOLY BIBLE at hand, we stayed in faith as YOU train us better than a jock

 YOUR mercy endures for ever and now all bow down in great shock

 They whom spoke crock made nothing but blank nocks

 To YOU the praise and worship YEHOSHUAH YAH, my only dock

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soulwriter commented on Road Of Mercy


Great testimony! Well done my friend.... Write ON and live STRONG



u ssaid it

girlygirl1234 commented on Road Of Mercy


i like it. it is truly one of a kind. best thing i have ever read. well besides the bible.




susanismith commented on Road Of Mercy


All I have to say to that is...Amen to you sir. I hope you continue your path and spread the gospel



of course madame

angel33614 commented on Road Of Mercy


praise be the LORD almighty GOD, in his name and the salvation of light and purity your words fill my ears with angelic grace, bravo! You are the preacher poet, amen my brother, you speak of the truth and the power of his word with near crystal clear perfection. You words are a fountain of truth, as it quinches my thirst on a sip, I will eternally want more, so keep it coming my friend! While many of your poems fall upon those who are deaf, blind, and ignorant of the truth such a truth has a way of speaking to the spirit of one's inner soul, to a place that knows no such worldly limitations, so spread the word for all to hear! Purity of the soul, journey well!!! with grace and humility ANGEL- POB for life aka A blind man walking...




nonners commented on Road Of Mercy


very nice. great flow and imagery.ty for sharing.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



read his pain and our salvation

Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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