Tolerance of Doomsday


Tolerance of Doomsday

Tolerance of Doomsday

Illuminated mindset of destruction, hatred of YEHOSHUA, HEAVENLY FATHER!  Naught of false doctrines
Folly of life, never being alive, dead in sin drinking gin, hunting the
righteous dove
Philosophers of eagle made diseases, 'Rorschach Test,' controlling your
very being
Preaching prosperity with full trickery in performance of false healing
and nothing supernatural
Magic of a wizard, the deadly scientist with his technology from a wicked
witch; plainly denying true wisdom!
Cultures annihilated, civilizations obliterated, with a forbidden history
being told by random
Nations united in need of a one world peace programmed to believe in this
antichrist revelation, how so wonderful!
Spirits wandering to and fro wiping out truth leaving the stain of chemical
trails, the HAARP raping love
Fatal battle has begun, tribulations is to follow, rupturing nature desires
of the future rapture
Open the eye of the heart and set yourself free in glee, be happy and
subsist in honesty
Kill the evil side, stomp on the worm, the so called snake that wants your
very end

“Don’t judge me for only God can judge me” is now the embedded slogan
Children of the rebellious spirit are free of charge and now being tolerated
by all man
They mingle with the church in their colorful rainbow of lust, calling you
their friend!
Adoration of many idols, music industry ruling supreme over their minds, all
as zombies
The beat is rocking, subliminal lyrics rhyming, your head banging to their
dark melodies
Females with no clothing guiding men of no self-control, singing to their
grave in doom harmonies
The light is bright shining right leading all to the fight with no might not
knowing the full sight
In lies they lay thinking they just may win a battle running to a slaughter
with doubting fright
With laughter they are chasing the path of no logical math into a battle of
a bloody bath
So they yell a tormented scream and run back to their defiant doings ignoring the salvation, now inflame
In shame they play the fatal game of blame and hope for freedom by the same lame name
Evil spirits you inhale and exhale malign actions of the devil thinking
you’re in fame
Just know that you have no excuses, for was this all your choices being truly inane
You’re not insane and it is your fault you’re burning hot in pain dead with
no gain
Sorry you say day by day but still in your sins rejoicing taking advantage
of a Holy Name
Be aware that your chances are in jeopardy, time is running, breathe is
Wake up from your fantasy, feel the reality, quit dashing from defenses of
Be clean, look for purity, demand clarity, and receive truth with maturity
Just learn to be real, wake up from your sour nightmares; sweet dreams are
nothing but illusions
There is only one solution which is salvation, a victory on Calvary, your
ultimate key of being a Heavenly champion

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DyFriend02 commented on Tolerance of Doomsday


(((Amen))) I'm glade that you've written this, its nice to preach to others, even in a poem, you spread the message near and fare... Tell them to wake up and realise thier choose can either reward them or cast them in to hell, but to make a good choose and live for the lord. Keep Gods words flowing through you.. An may God bless you for using your mouth your words through him. God loves you, never go astray, even when things get hard... remember his love is Greater than anything.



now that i have grown in the knowledge of GOD .......THE NAME IS YEHOSHUA HAMASHIACH .IM NOW USING OLD TESTAMENT AND REAL NAME OF GOD WHICH IS YAHWEH OR YEHOSHUA.......letter j is invented in 1600s so the name jesus we use is well not correct at all.......according to the random house 1978 dictionary that name(jesus) means devil or horse lol

christianprep commented on Tolerance of Doomsday


Amen!!!!! yes the world needs to wake up, relise there is a fire to avoid.... This poem you wrote symbolise sin and the way the world is going.. should we let it go that way? Heck no.. We christians need to stained up but not be fake, but real and be the mouth for God.. Meaning let him speak through us.. a powerful way to do that is poetry and you have an amazing talent



u too

shakeme4life commented on Tolerance of Doomsday


Jehovah i was hoping you caught up with us .. to flip this world right side up again ... great poem gregster ... reality hurts some , but truth is needed ... i love the flow of this poem it almost sounds like a song .. which would make it spoken word ...



cool........please read reality of gospel and death is simple and thanks

cutbanksam commented on Tolerance of Doomsday


It sounds strange to say that reality is rapidly becoming more real than people want it to be. The saved ones see the spiritual warning signs and need to spread their insights. Once you have told others the truth and your reasons for knowing that Christ is real it is up to them to reflect upon. After that it is entirely up to them to make the most significant decision of their lives. Not saying blurt it out and leave. Give a sobering yet loving message to the hearer. If people would really listen to what convinced me intellectually they would at least check it out. It ovbviously is the same for all knowledgeable Christians. Go with God Bro.



COOL pleaser read reality of the GOSPEl and read also awaken mind eh,..thnaks join my site eh

girlygirl1234 commented on Tolerance of Doomsday


thats not the only solution..and my honest opinion on this i dont like it...because to me it just sounds like gossip and its wrong



suite safe and be breezy

To have great poets there must be great audiences too.

Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

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