Shake and Wake


Shake and Wake

We choose to lie to ourselves to amend for our mistakes
Destroying our souls in self righteousness we gain just the confusing ache
We need to rise up to the truth and be awake
HE forsook not but with our sins we always forsake
We kill and murder and never failed to take
Stop and realize why the earth cry and quakes
It’s an ultimate fight for the NWO, illuminati blind snake
The portals they opened, now the cage breaks
Demons and vultures and sin at rake
Fallen angels, lost weapon, the spiritual dive brake
Stop I hail for His Name’s Sake
The earth in tribulation as it is the bloody wake
Lake of fire scorching wild in its brutal lake
Stop laughing you paganism for this is not fake
Lovers of this world and its laws, sorry to say but the end is at stake
Run, scream, yell, and fight but after all devil betrays and your baked
The aftermath of a fatal catastrophe now they are crying, lava cake
Your sins are stained on the book, the snake ate you, and demons made you their steak
They believe it is all myths and stories of morals but in a supernatural reality, a nasty flake
Be wise put your clothes on, research the truth and lose your nake
So seriously folks are we in deep sleep or ignorant to fact, just call us Blake
We live a merrimake, a life of bloody muckrakes
Stop and listen or get thrown to the volcanic milkshake
Never say, I told you so, and accept your opaque outtake





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Coltsfan777 commented on Shake and Wake


nice ryhme scheme!! You really know how to flow your words beautifully!! God-inspired and a spiritually rich message!! We can all take a lot out of your writings. You write with so much passion it makes my heart just burst with joy!!

almartin1993 commented on Shake and Wake


you know i once wrote a speak on life similar to this but different all in the same? good work i received and A+


07/13/2010 beauty of a princess and his pain our salvation dear.......thanks friend

anaisnais commented on Shake and Wake


The rhyme scheme here must have taxxed you somewhat here? There are many of us criticise others yet make same mistakes over despite our promises to sort out our wrongs. To have wronged once may mean you do not know better but repeatedly - who would be the worse then when it comes to repentance? It's time we each straightened our own life out before looking down on others, Does it make us better if we call others for their faults? An interesting write, raising great awareness, and opening eyes to the light v. darkness that surrounds us... Respectfuly, Anna-Marie.



well please read his pain our salvation.......thanks alot for all my friend

ginga commented on Shake and Wake


gregster, I am fascinated by this contemporary poem of wrong vs right. I am even more intrigued with the same end line rhyme that carries throughout this message. A master of social mores! ginga




ApaqRasgirl commented on Shake and Wake


Great write. very powerful statement in this. thanks for sharing.your work with us. keep it going love Asha



awesome....please do read unafraid of the wolf ..and poem called sorry if u dont mind

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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