"You are a Perversion to God"...


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Blah i really hate rambling on, but hey, :) i can say what i want. here's to you Gregster :D hope you like it.

"You are a Perversion to God"...

Perverse, you say?
Oh I think not...
Just 'cause I have a mind
that says girls are freakin hot.
A sinner? oh yes,
I surely am that,
but I admit it and repent,
so you can kiss my ass.
Right this way?
You'll show me the Lord?
Sir, quite frankly your preaching
is becoming a bore.
My ears are not shut,
my heart not of stone...
I just know what I know,
so please, leave me alone.
Okay, sir, yes,
I'll go along for a bit.
Most of what you say is true,
of that I shall admit.
But to say when I die,
in hell, my soul will burn?
Sir, if you think thats advertizing,
you have much to learn...
What happened to God,
being that of Love?
If what you say is true,
I'm screwed below and above.
Tell me, sir, if I am Me,
then who are you?
If I am Perversion,
then YOU'RE the Blind Little Fool.
Hold judgement on me
because of whom I choose to love?
God help YOU, sir,
your mind's coming undone.
Obviously you dont understand,
because what I say is true.
God will accept me, because I am Me,
not because I am You.
I am His Creature,
be I straight or bi or lez...
I know He accepts me,
so get it through your head.

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Sali commented on "You are a Perversion to God"...


I believe you fail to understand the true nature of God and those who you say judge you have failed to explain to you what it is God requires. God is the creator and we are the creation. We hurt ourselves when we do not follow God's way of living, whether we want to believe it or not. I am praying for you



I believe that the basic principles that Christians follow are a good way to live life, but the bible was made by MAN. Who here can really say they know what religion is right? Yes, of course you'll say yours is, but what if you're wrong? What if any set religion is wrong? If you believe that you "understand the TRUE nature of God", you better be the freaking Pope. Whatever or whoever "God" is, none of us can fathom it/Him. Thank you for praying for me, I do appreciate it, but I am a good basic human being... And also, I'm not gay. The guy who this was for had commented on another of my "inside the mind of" pieces and began attacking me on this site. If this poem didn't speak the truth, then it wouldn't have gotten published. Thank you for commenting. ~Audrey

xefire commented on "You are a Perversion to God"...


This is wonderful. One of those poems I want to keep in my pokect like a tiny paper sword.

HIP13044b commented on "You are a Perversion to God"...


Nice write!! It's too bad that this world is filled with so much finger pointing. I like how you speak your mind, and how you stand up for yourself. Nicely done, and congrats on the win.



Thank you very much :) ~Audrey

angel33614 commented on "You are a Perversion to God"...


I read this one weeks ago but I think I forgot to come back and leave a reply, forgive me my friend, this write is very profound and poweful, emotionally raw and naked, bravo! Congrads on a very deserved win, I know this is a little late, but for someone so young you are quite talented to say the least! I know mr gregster and I am sorry if you have been another victim of his verbal malice, it is sad to think he calls himself a man of God and light. I have cautioned him before that man was not made to be the judge of anyone, not even himself, who everth judges int the name of God brings such a judgement upon himself, to my knowledge there has only been one perfect man who has lived, and I don't think gregster is Jesus incarnate. The sad part is deep down he means well, sad that his words and actions don't speak the commitment of his inner soul. Many new born again christians feel the need to preach and save those who are lost, I know for I have traveled down this road long ago, the problem with following this road is that often you do so alone and without God as your try to save the world on your own shoulders, very often one eventually finds that he is more lost than the one's he is trying to save, it is not for us to save another, that is God's work, he can work through us, but is it not for us to say who we can save or not, and certainly it is not for us to judge anyone. Let the man free of sin cast the first stone and the God will drop a mountain on his head, for we are all made of sin. Awesome write my friend, sorry to wonder off on a tangent of sorts, LOL. Congrads again on the win, very well derseved!!! Purity of the soul, journey well!!! with grace and humility ANGEL



hahahaha Its okay, Angel. you had a point. Thank you very much :) ~Audrey

rsalassi commented on "You are a Perversion to God"...


That's telling him, honey. Fuck 'em all. Be true to yourself and to hell with him who thinks otherwise. Great write!



hahaha thank you very much :) ~Audrey

A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness. It finds the thought and the thought finds the words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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