Auditioning Day...


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  • Hey guys. I know it’s been a long while... But I just wanted to tell you guys that I’m having my first child! Due Dec 28th!

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haha so i have auditions tomorrow... i figured i'd write something about stage fright :P even tho i dont really have it.

Auditioning Day...

I can feel my heart beating.
It beats in double time.
I bit my lip and sigh
as I look down at my lines.

There's too much on my mind.
What if I wreck?
My hands tremble so bad...
"Audrey, you're up next."

I watch the girl before me,
her head high and proud...
Her singing voice, God,
so precise and loud...

She steps down,
looks to me and says,
"Im so glad thats over,
I was so nervous..."

I smile at that,
my nerves are eased...
I walk up onto the stage,
'cause I now believe...

But then I see the director,
the pianist strikes the first note...
I freeze and I pause for time,
my voice stuck in my throat!

I take a breath and let it out,
low behold, it was the sound...
The sounds of my music...
Sweet, precise, and loud...

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rsalassi commented on Auditioning Day...


If there is one thing I do know about, it's the hell one endures auditioning for a role. I can't tell you how many times I've literally heard "Don't call us, we'll call you." You've captured that dread so well here, and at the same time taken me back to earlier days. Good write.



Thank you :) i hope they were bad days... ~Audrey



were'nt**** lol

Teardrops commented on Auditioning Day...


Your poem is truly wonderful and expressing you emotions is a good way to calm down . Loved it Marie



Thank you :) ~Audrey

SuperChick62 commented on Auditioning Day...


Nice, very nice. A simple poem structure, the first verse has some tense issues, but that's minor mess, and just a nit-pick. The flow was easy to follow, hardly ever broke. It was a nicely structured poem. The topic is something many people relate, and you were precise in your expressions and not so vague that absolutely nobody understood what you were trying to say(which is a habit I am guilty of :( lol) All in all it was a very good simple poem. The only suggestion I can think of to add is maybe fill it out a bit more. Not add more stanzas but take the ones you have and just... explain them more. Personalize it more. Maybe add some emotions of a past horrible experience, maybe explain the audience, I don't know. Like I said, it's the ONLY suggestion I could think of. It was indeed, a very good poem. I liked how you had the description of the other singer, and then used the same words to define. I love seeing that, it... ties up the poem. Brilliant. So all in all, it was a nice poem. :)



to define your own performance.**



:D thanks for the suggestions. ill use them next time, i swear. :/ and yeah, i see that... i have a habit of mixing up past and present (:P its cuz im loony). and i try to write poems that people can relate to... because, oddly enough, it helps me understand them more :)... again, thanks.~Audrey

arronpalmer commented on Auditioning Day...


Ha, great poem Audrey, glad it turns out well in the end! A nice light-hearted poem after your winner last week, but equal in calibre. One teeny tiny thing though: I'd think about changing "bit" to 'bite' (stanza 1, line 3) and (though it does technically make sense) St 6 L4 may read better as 'my voice sticks in my throat'. Keeps with the fast-flowing tension better I think, but that is all! Aside from that, a great great poem! 10!



lol Arron... well i actually dont like changing my poems unless there is a great err in grammar. But thank you for the ideas :) ~Audrey



Not a problem Audrey! We're all here to offer friendly, constructive advice, which is rare as ususally the poetry on offer is amazingly good. And yep, I fully understand you not wanting to change your poem, and you don't need to at all. If you changed "bit" to "bite", it would still be all your own work! This poem is great, I hope I made that clear, it's justsome would possibly argue that changing from the present tense to past is a grammatical error, or if you wanted to keep it as "bit", you'd have to change "sigh" to "sighed". But again, I must stress, it is a tiny spot in an otherwise brilliant and original poem. How did the audition go??



haha alrighty. :D and the audition was fantastic!! Callbacks are on Thrusday :) ~Audrey

arjiiee commented on Auditioning Day...


Great write Audrey! that pretty much is the auditioning process. You'll do just fine though!:D Break a leg tomorrow(:



hahah i know what the auditioning process is!!! :D and thaks. you too. ~Audrey

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