Sick Fetish or the Black Widow and the Puppet


Sick Fetish or the Black Widow and the Puppet

I watch in sick fascination as his hands wrap themselves around her throat. Her slightly tanned skin turning pale as the air leaves her lungs. Why is this so fascinating? Maybe because it is done by the person she loves? I try to hide my pleasure by frowning. No one can believe it though, since they all know of my fetish. I can not hide the fact that I love the it feels when she struggles for release. But she cannot stop her boyfriend. No one can, for I control his very being. Now it is time for the finale. Where the Black Widow destroys her mate. I can already see his blood on the floor. Flowing in all directions, making it impossible to keep track of it. But then what need do I have of that? When I have them to take the blood. The children of the Black Widow and the Puppet.

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kpeery09 commented on Sick Fetish or the Black Widow and the Puppet


I love it ...very detailed and very dramatic. I give you 10

WindsOfMemory commented on Sick Fetish or the Black Widow and the Puppet


hey hun i havent heard from you in a while is everything ok? anyway this is a great piece that illistrates a taboo fascination with domestic violence

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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