Time of Violence


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This is something that I wrote a while back, if it bothers anyone please tell me so that I can remove it. Thank you.

Time of Violence

Pain is so addicting, so...complete, the feeling of a knife being embedded into my side and the blood that comes forth, pain is my addiction, it is my obsession.

It trickles down my side, and into an abys s dark I can hear the echo of your forlorn calls, as you try to wake me up into your nightmare.

Hush sister, don't cry, he'll come for your heart as he came for your blood.

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MarionYost commented on Time of Violence


great write, Don't delete it!! some of the most "offensive" topics make for GREAT poetry. Very intense and dark I like your style. Good job. All the best. -Marion-

SweetBlood commented on Time of Violence


I love it....It's so dark and amazing...Keep writing

lonewolf commented on Time of Violence


intensely dark. a very interesting write. could have been a little longer

themommyof2 commented on Time of Violence


That is dark and painful sounding................

knight4696 commented on Time of Violence


Very intense!! A taboo subject maybe, but one that desrves to be addressed. And you addressed it so well in this piece. You should change your commentary, Poetry is a very personal release for all of us on OP. Just tag the poem with a warning - if people find the topic offensive - they need not read it. Great Job and insight from such a young woman.

Poetry is not an expression of the party line. It's that time of night, lying in bed, thinking what you really think, making the private world public, that's what the poet does.

Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997) U.S. poet.

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