A Thought


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    A Thought

    A thought for this world
    I sit and write this for many reasons
    But will my reasons be heard
    If so, how many will hear them
    How many will it touch, and mean to them
    As I sit here looking out this window
    On a cold winter night, I had a thought
    Here is my thought I like to share with you
    I thought about how much hate is in the world
    I thought about why people hate people
    They hate due to skin color, religion, and other topics
    So here is my thought of the night
    How much hate would there be
    If we mixed all together as one
    Instead of like we are, we mix it up a little
    Instead of being white to white
    Black to black and so on like that
    Have a few that are mixed like some are now
    You mother in law would be black
    You cousin once removed would be mixed
    If we were like this, I wonder
    I wonder how much hate there would be
    Would there still be just as much
    Or would people start to see
    Start to see that hate does not hold that much power
    That love is more powerful then anything else
    Love has been proven to be more powerful than hate
    Here is my thought of the night
    While you sit there hating others
    Do you honestly know why you hate them
    How would you feel if you knew
    That a long time ago there was someone
    Black, white, mixed, or different
    That was a part of your life
    Would you still hate then

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    Footprints2002 commented on A Thought


    Yeah, if you take and read this then read it backwards it still is pretty good. Thanks for pointed that out to me ilovejeremy

    ilovejeremy commented on A Thought


    i think if you read it backwords it would sound better but i like it.

    charliewang commented on A Thought


    please know that from the one we cometh, so shall just one return. Time has brought with it many exposures and acceptance and change is forever constant. Fear not the hate..it too shall pass.

    magati commented on A Thought


    if only the world had ur same sentiments...if only god made us colour blind we could be nothing but brothers and sisters...i feel ur thoughts...

    The true philosopher and the true poet are one, and a beauty, which is truth, and a truth, which is beauty, is the aim of both.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Poet (1803-1882)

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