Gone But Not Forgotten


  • Sadness

    Gone But Not Forgotten

    You came into this world
    No bigger then my hand
    We were blessed for having you
    You brought us much joy and happiness
    Can’t forget about the times we laugh
    Now here you are 19 years later
    Can’t even stand on your feet
    Can’t even hold your head up
    Nothing but a bag of bones
    Soon ready to go to a better place
    A place with no pain or age
    You will be missed very much
    For now it is that time
    A time we hate but must do
    For it is time for the sleepless shot
    We will see you once again
    Once again we will be together
    For this together will be forever
    As the angles take you away
    To bring you to your final resting place
    To bring you home above the sky
    To Heaven to stay for good

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    CopperTop327 commented on Gone But Not Forgotten


    i can relate...ive felt this way each and everytime ive lost a pet..its soo sad. good job

    elieon602 commented on Gone But Not Forgotten


    and i didnt mean th poem suks, th poem is great i meant wat happened suked, lol my bad

    elieon602 commented on Gone But Not Forgotten


    awwww, srry, and also i can so relate, my dogs, and cats tht passed sadly, it suks

    Monii commented on Gone But Not Forgotten


    Luv this poem! I can relate so much to it.. Greta job @ xpresing ur feelings! COngrats Grll..=D

    brandon commented on Gone But Not Forgotten



    Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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