The Sarasota Blues


The Sarasota Blues

I light up a cigarette, wondering if i've passed my prime
As I take a drag I think, 'Right place, wrong time?'
Life's parking meter seems to have, eaten my dime
I sip the red wine to temporarily quench my thirst

I walk down to Joe's and wince as I take the stage
The barkeeper slides me a drink and says 'You've just been paid'
The audience listens to me like i'm a bird in thier cage
I realize its the right time, wrong place, and i've been cursed

The smoke rings of hypocrisy blur the edges of reality
They hear the music, but listen not to the words
They smile brightly and wide eyed, while breathing in sadly
As they stroll through life living thier days rehearsed

The musician's on the corner
He is singing his blues
The artist's in the alley
He's begging for food
The poet's out on Main Street
With the Sarasota blues

I finish the show, and they all shake my hand
They recite thier lines, after practice, 'The show was grand!'
Business cards flow, call me tomorrow, they command
But the next day, your name seems to elude them

They head on home to thier beach front lofts across the bridge
Humming my melodies, the music of my soul, the point they missed
As I exhale into to an empty smoked filled fridge
That beer has to have filled me up for the evening

This town prides itself an 'Art Community', but it don't seem to fit
Artists die in the alleyways, but no one seems to give a shit
While the cops use deadly force, but it doesn't seem legit
The hypocrisy in the air here is poison

The musician's on the corner
He's crying his blues
The artist died in the alley
He was looking for food
The poet's leaving Main Street
With the Sarasota Blues

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WordSlinger commented on The Sarasota Blues


Hey Spence, when your cd comes out me and Maddi want 2, lol, hey, here is a poem for you to read, I hope it brings you light, :), ty WS-

devaamido commented on The Sarasota Blues


This poem ROCKS with a telling of somebody's down-&-dirty, real life experience of a grim reality that day-by-day ensnares more-and-more of us, thanks to the profiteers that irreversibly ruined our marketplace. Excellent write!

Artie commented on The Sarasota Blues


You know what I think? Right time, right place!! How do you think the era's of past were created? By people such as yourself. You didn't just write this piece, you brought it to life. The audience is listening - 10 from me



Thanks brother, truly. I have been in a bad way lately, sad and depressed with my surroundings, waiting for the future for these days to be behind me. This means a lot coming from you my friend, and I know you are serious cause its more than 10 words Lol. Peace and love bro, Spence

dancinghawk commented on The Sarasota Blues


i hope that's not the same alley where mama's lookin' for food, lol ... a protest piece in keeping with the heart and soul of original Dylan-esque observation ... annie lennox, too, does a great heart-wrenching piece over a background of tinkling wine glasses and conversational ebbs and flows ... would that any are awake enough to experience anything at all ... even in humming the blues, perhaps they'll realize they've been asleep ... even if the specifics of the message elude ... great scene set with searching emotion ... enjoyed this read! `dh



Thanks so much DH, ill have to check out that Annie Lennox tune, And you caught the tribute to Dylan, Yay! Haha. I defiantly borrowed from him on the Chorus, and a bit for structure, but I am going a diffrant way with the music to make it more original. I am glad you enjoyed this :) ~Spence

mustascheman commented on The Sarasota Blues


Cool... Ya' know..even the Devil gets the blues. That old sinking feeling way down, deep in the caverns of Hell is sometimes the loneliest place to dwell. Consuming soul after soul begins to get old. How I long for something simple, something like chicken pot pie without any mold. But alas I digress, back to my throne to do what I do. Just wishin' man kind would realize even the Devil gets the blues. Great write dude.

Poetry is what is lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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