I Imagine,


  • Romance

    I Imagine,

    Roses are red, Violets are blue
    My mind gets entangled with these thoughts of you
    As I gaze at your picture, your reflection enters the room
    Your eyes dark, but they glow in the moon
    Your smile does make a lonely heart swoon
    I imagine your scent smells of flowers in bloom
    You said not to fall, but your aim is so true
    I think of you often, to plant thoughts of me
    There are things beyond this world which cannot be seen
    I imagine your skin, so gentle and soft
    And I imagine us dancing in some candlelit loft
    And the moonlight shines in filling the room
    Getting so hot our sweat douses the fumes
    My mind drawn back to the smell of your perfume
    The scent of lavender and lilac resumes
    Your beauty so liquid it fills up the room
    As your voice flows out and whispers my ear
    I can’t make out your words as you draw ever near
    I imagine your clothes you wish me to shear
    Then I recall that you’re not really here
    So my mind wanders and dreams of the day
    You were once just a vision, but now here on display
    A touch can show more than words can convey
    I imagine sheep as I count the days

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    Luwonda commented on I Imagine,


    Very good poem! I like the way you imagine the picture,the person walking in the room and their voice. The setting, mood and narrative poem.



    Thank you so much Luwonda, it is much appreciated. ~Spence

    Insideme commented on I Imagine,


    WOW, what a powerful poem you wrote, youre smokin baby!

    gregster commented on I Imagine,


    hey mand i can rap that ,.....that is one cool poem .i like the rhythm....nice job man

    Mandi commented on I Imagine,


    Like the rhthym, like the beat, good thoughts makes my mind wandeer too

    Shan commented on I Imagine,


    As I was reading the lines, i got some interference by my accountant. Hence i coudn't have full concentration. I read it two more times... Amazing imagination. Your lines forced me to think about my wife and love who is 100s of miles away from me. Great...

    Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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