Christmas Gingerbread


  • Christmas

    Christmas Gingerbread


    I’d serve you ginger if I could

    But ginger’s off the shelf

    Some say nutmeg nog is twice as good

    But I wouldn’t know, myself


    For I’m attached to cinnamon

    How I love her fragrent curls

    She’s always loved her punkin

    And how he treated little girls


    I’d serve you ginger if I could 

    But ginger’s on the shelf

    Warm spicy, icy frosted good

    Reserved for Santa’s faithful elf.


    He stayed up making peppermint

    Out of candy mountain snow, ‘cause

    It’s the red stripe swirling filled indent

    That gives Rudolph’s nose its glow. 


    My Molly fingers paperdolls

    Asking, Daddy, how soon really is it?

    While jolly Holly decks our walls

    Awaiting Santa’s annual visit.


    Capricorn arrived last night

    And whispered, “Only three more days.”

    So I trimmed a tree with candle light

    While I chilled plum pudding glaze.


    I’d serve you ginger if I could

    But is seems to only cause dismay

    When nothing after tastes quite like it should

    And that would ruin Christmas Day.

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    icu2 commented on Christmas Gingerbread


    This is a whole different take on Christmas poetry...and I like that!



    I grew up in a house where the bossmistress said, "No ruining your appetite!" Oh well, made me the dessert swilling opportunist that I am today! Harv

    carynontherhine commented on Christmas Gingerbread


    Harver, this is absolutely the christmas poem of the season for me! I loved the gingerbread story and hung on every line. It was great!!! Thank you for the treat much appreciated. Be well my friend and hugz to you.



    Merry Christmas to you. Harv

    wheelsal commented on Christmas Gingerbread


    Golly darn! Just caught this poem and it is expired. What a ginger and a cupcake of spices you have written. Needs a little crisping around the edges, but I can't get enough of your wonderful stuff. Your neighbor and friend, Sally



    Merry Christmas, Harv

    MindNumbing commented on Christmas Gingerbread


    Beautifully written, Harv... and very heartwarming :) Thanks so much for sharing!



    Wait for Christmas, Dahling! It's so much better that way! Merry Christmas, Harv

    TinaD commented on Christmas Gingerbread


    If you left the It's off of line 15 the meter would be better. The Grinch, TinaD



    I may edit this later. Ideas come to me in stages. . . Merry Christmas. Harv

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