A Satisfactory War


  • War

    A Satisfactory War

    It was such a satisfactory war

    There were no hystrionics

    ‘Twas only when it became a bore

    That someone mentioned halcyonics.


    Don’t talk to me of peace today

    I’m not the one that’s losing

    I kill quite gently anyway

    On the path that I am choosing


    Strife hath installed poetic muse

    Blood, a patron of the arts

    Death simply waits to unconfuse

    Last liberal bleeding hearts.


    It’s such a satisfactory war

    This battle that I wage

    My conscience doesn’t interfere no more

    Now that my guide’s cold rage.

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    carynontherhine commented on A Satisfactory War


    Your guide's cold rage? Is this a inner battle going on inside one's self? You must tell me soon. Hugz



    Read all my comments to others and then ask me what you still don't know. Harv

    PoetWithCancer commented on A Satisfactory War


    2. Those who want health-care reform, of just about any kind or degree, are called bleeding hearts (and commies, etc.). When it comes to health-care reform, I often hear it said by those who wish me to go ahead and die from my cancer when my insurance ends, that we don't want a system like that of Castro or Stalin. As if those are the only alternatives. A health-care system such as in Japan or Taiwan, or France, or in our great ally country England, would be enough to save my life and keep me writing poetry for a few more years. // Somel speak of the economic problems of some of the countries with more compassionate health care systems as if such problems are a reason against such health care. As if our system isn't fraught with problems and excessive costs! Worse than the problems of some countries that spare their citizens bankruptcy and facing the loss of health care. What should be looked at is that in those other countries, people like me are not allowed to suffer and die--and I would not be facing an unnecessarily early death caused, not merely by my cancer, but caused because eventually I may not be able to get medical coverage. // I'm trying to get on medicare but first I must get on Social Security disability. These are liberal institutions. I am glad they exist. My only complaint is that it may take so much time for me to get on them that it might be too late for me. My life is at stake. // I know what I have said does not address your poem. It addresses only the feelings awakened in me by that phrase I cited, about death unconfusing the bleeding hearts. // I don't know if you meant the meainig which I think is the likely interpretation. But regardless, poetry must be judged on the merit of its art--its music--and its expression of emotion--not on agreement or disagreement with its meaning. The poem is good. 10. --Michael LP, Mr. Poet



    I sincerely wish you well on your battle with beaurocracy. Harv

    PoetWithCancer commented on A Satisfactory War


    1. Overall I like this poem, but I think that there could easily be a misinterpreation on the part of some with the lines "Death sinply waits to unconfuse / Last liberal bleeding hearts." I am one of those who believe that civilization is largely a lberal enterprise, and that the jungle is the most conservative place there is. "Bleeding heart" is a contemptuous term applied to those who care about their fellow and sister people, especially in regard to the belief that a chief aim of society should be to minimize suffering and mazimize self-actualization in people. China, among many other examples, shows that it is unchecked power in the political system that leads to brutalization, and not the stated economic aims which are in fact often ignored.



    I hope you undersatnd what "irony" is. I happen to think that there are very, very few satisfactory wars. I think that places me as a liberal, though on many political issues in Ameirica I seem to lean conservative. What I was attempting to do was awaken the notion that familiarity with killing becomes a confortable thing to do, and that is very, very dangerous. Harv

    SILKYTWEED commented on A Satisfactory War


    Harv, I like your mind, you succeeded in capturing the mircro and marcro-cosms that is conflict....Slick.....Great job....thanks for sharing!



    7 - that is me deeply bowing! thanks very much, Harv

    REGINA2 commented on A Satisfactory War


    A very good write. Sorry it took me so long to read it. Have been quite ill lately.



    I so wish healing for you. Harv

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