easy now...


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    easy now...

    you trudge into the room with a slam
    cussing with your hands
    going this way and that way
    then you pounce on me angrily
    and start to fondle me up and down
    doing it quite savagely
    I push you away almost immediately
    because it's in this mood
    that I can't make love to you
    I head for the kitchen on a mission
    I grab candles
    and pour some red wine for two
    I guide your stressed self
    onto the couch
    and prop your legs upon me
    I take a few sips slowly
    and insist that you do too
    I say "now baby...please tell me"
    after you explain your bad day
    I can see you relax
    and you breathe much more easily
    I express what it is like
    to be attacked by a raging animal...
    and pat you teasingly
    I rub your feet and do silly things to you
    and after a sigh and a smile
    you say "sweetie...thank you"
    I blow out the candles and hand in hand
    we return ourselves
    back to the bedroom

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    kdarcy commented on easy now...


    Kudos, too often it doesn't turn out that way, one or the other can't seem to work it out, nice read

    HoneyHued commented on easy now...


    This is so cool, thank you!

    Vincent commented on easy now...


    What a woman, with pose a grace, she handled what could have been a big fight and turned into a win, win situation for both her and her partner. I'm jealous. Great message and told very well. (GP) smiles Vincent

    Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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