The Only Sound


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    • I've been gone for quit some time but I'm back and ready to write more poetry.

    The Only Sound

    I cant eat
    I cant sleep
    I find myself
    Wondering around this
    Empty house
    The silince is overwelming
    The only sound I hear
    Is the erie
    Thump Thump of my
    Beating heart.
    This house ha lost its soul
    So it seems to me.
    Im lost and looking
    For who I am
    Or at least Who I was.
    Four weeks ago
    I ment a monster
    He took what no one
    Has the right to take.
    Now I cant eat
    Now I cant sleep
    I find myself wondering
    Around this empty house
    The silince i overwelming
    The only sound I hear
    Is the erie
    Thump Thump of my
    Beating heart!

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    RKCHOWDARY11 commented on The Only Sound


    Dear wiskey I observe the pain in your poems and whether it belongs to you or if it's in general or whatsoever, I want you to try to be positive in your poetry and put your mind there with auto suggesting or hypnotizing so that you as a poet and the reader who goes through such pain also shall gain the strength and will power to lead peaceful life. Please don't take it as a critique and take it as an advise and i wish that your poetry should be your motivation and not to trouble you further. Friendly yours R K CHOWDARY

    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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