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    I heard my mother cry last night
    Her gentle sobs muffled and slight

    Was it me that caused her pain?
    Her passing left my heart with stain

    The morning comes bringing reality
    I recognize that it was my fantasy

    The crying had been mine and mine alone
    My heart felt as if it were made of stone

    She's been gone now two years past
    The time rushing oh,so fast.

    My heart now stands filled with alarms
    Distanced me from her loving arms

    Were our goodbyes not clear enough?
    How could I forget life's path, so rough?

    My thoughts were never of her being gone
    But , always of writing her own life's song.

    Telling the world of paths she'd taken
    Of loves come and gone, and she'd awaken

    Never the thought of my loneliness
     I have healed with some success
    But, lingering there in the recesses of my mind
    My mother's love is easy to find

    It rescues me from grief's depths , so dark
    My thoughts sharpen as they do in the song of a lark

    Once more my mother's hand guides me
    Through the hills and valleys of life so free.

    To free me from the binds of lost mother's love
     Free to receive her loving care again from above.

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    PoetWithCancer commented on Acceptance


    I would have rated this a 10 if rating had been allowed. Very moving poem, full of feeling and revealing self-honesty. Full of tenderness and love. I like it a lot, and I have saved it to my favorites. --Michael LP, Mr. Poet

    knight4696 commented on Acceptance


    Mandi ... This is a very sad and emotional write. But there is also an acceptance and has hope. A beautiful tribute to your mother! :0 Ken

    gogant commented on Acceptance


    A loving, endearing, remembrance of one's mother passing........Very touching, Mandi....................g

    ImStillHere commented on Acceptance


    it is hard to lose a parent who you love so much. but the best thing to do is remember that, no matter what, they are always with you, watching over. This write is very very great, hun... ~Audrey



    Sometimes I thinkyouareolder than you say you are.

    Chigger2069 commented on Acceptance


    Truly the way a daughter should feel about her mother, great write and i hope to read more greats as they come.



    thank you for the comment.

    The true philosopher and the true poet are one, and a beauty, which is truth, and a truth, which is beauty, is the aim of both.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Poet (1803-1882)

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