Doesn't need a title, let the words speak for themselves...LOL


  • ApaqRasgirl
  • Back online after loosing internet for a long time. I am very happy to finally be back with all my friends and I hope to de writing and posting soon. Love Asha

Poem Commentary

Just a few humble words for my poet family here at OP land. loves ya all bunches asha

Doesn't need a title, let the words speak for themselves...LOL

Since I could not think of any one perfect title, I just gave it none, for words can easily speak for themselves. After I post this I am going to go hide, just in case you might decide not to agree with how I described.........LOL.....keeping fingers crossed.....

Doesn't need a title, let the words speak for themselves...LOL....loves ya all bunches

It's all because of this country girl, that I know..LOL...shehhhhh...Who has a heart as big as the mountains she comes from. And, yes, she always needs and wants to express how she feels, else if not, her heart would burst and cloud up a beautiful soul with so much love if she didn't show. Hey, Wow, I managed to keep the same tense in that, right to the Point...right I forgot is that first, second or third person......grins

Poets, so many poets I call my friends, here at OP land. So much inspiration, love, laughs, cries & maybe a few sighs, they all give to me in each of the comments we share on each others written words of poetry. No matter the form you make it. A poem, prose, statement, story or song. They will read it all the same, even if its really not their thing. Because of all we share, the other day I just sat here and stared thinking of all the sweet words I've received. Encouragement, lessons, tips and kind, yet badly needed critique. I felt in awe of the greatness in all these friends. So I put fingers to the keys and tried to write something for each. As I sneaked and snooped into the profiles and pages of oh so many poet friends, I derived a few humble words for as many as I could. But please don't be sad, if your name does not appear in one of these silly rhymes, for I have oh so many wonderful friends, I just could not get to all this time. But never fear for I love and cherish each and everyone of my dear poetry friends here at Original Poetry land. A fan I am of my growing family, come take my hand and will rhyme a few lines for my new favorite family game night plan......LOL

Now I've worked on this for several days but I am still in the learning stage with rhyming and syllables, with this one I didn't really count, cause it was so long after please don't hold it against me if I stumbled a time or too. Next time I will be much improved when I get back to you..

OK, here I go, just a few silly lines of rhyme, for my poet friends at OP land
If I miss your name don't hold it against me, just a whole lot to hold in one hand..

From Asha, thats me, all of you, for the love we hold for that Golden Pen in hand.........

First we must thanks to our crater of this OP land, papapaczki’s, an adventurous man
Sheehh! don't tell, for I've really met the grand man, yet,..LOL.. Creating this place to show it,
Makes one wonder what thoughts he had back in his hobo land. From baker to poet,
now that is quite a man, he'll give you a bow wow wow and still shake your hand.
Yes, I gave the boss man more than two, after all hes then man on top this land.....LOL

Now I'll mention, those Awesome Teachers here at OP, who share there time and love to teach
gogant might start you with a laugh, he's really a class act, and such a sweet peach

When you meet dah, don't be dahlusioned, hes really not confusing
A sweet friend with a helping hand for fellow poets who wont let you get disillusioned

Here I must mentioned dear WWWorrrdddssssllllliiiinngggggerrrr, friend, for hes the man
Not a double take, his teaching is grand and he will lay it all out for you, in his lesson plans

Now if you want a good challenge, in your lessons today, he wont you let stumble
Make sure you fuel up on Alphabet Soup, when Ballander begins class, try not to mumble

A class of sonnet for novas, with accentual syllabic meter, sounds neat, no clue what it means
There is none better to teach, get it wrong, just redo the verse and repeat, in class with RHPeat

Again, I have to mention our awesome WWWorrrrdddssssllllliiiinnggggerrrr gent
Take some lines of Maddi's, toss them in, mixed together, to make you spin, or maybe a lament

Mandelynn is such a sweet loving friend, slinging those words into a spin
Put WS in the mix, sweet Maddi, tosses words with a smile right back to him, such a gem

He's honest & faithful with a cherished wife, always gets down to the point
More often he's his own worst critique,  for him its all a Mootpoint

Now what would life be without a little bit of Chaos to unwind so fine
A handsome fellow, his military suits, just fine, hey go drool over there, this ones mine

But when you think you life is looking really sad & bleak, just look up miss sunshine33710
You will find her Angel right by her side, to fill your day with happiness so divine

If you think the words you've written fell on deaf ears, unseen, without critique
Just wait till my Angel33614 friend comes on the seen, guaranteed his words wont be bleak

Take a picnic on the Rhine, love & friendship with Heartsong, always some really good times
Lots of fun any-day you choose to visit her words, shared with love from Caryontherhine

She'll get you with her Bee Sting, or twist your tongue with Lola's horny honey
or his frisky flannel fez, Ginga loves to take that ride, even if its funny

For love, romance maybe a fire in your pants, or Realm of Delusion, care to do the dance
He will give it all to you, wondrous words and maybe a little SuSpence

True art in her rhythm and rhyme, she always keeps it in time
Lessons on poetry for some challenging fun, Aria is really so fine

One here often speaks for the nameless, faceless, hurting, who cry out in silence, unheard
She speaks about the cruelty unseen, ignored, deaf to ears, Cheronld, hear her spoken words

She can woo you with perfected lines, or show you Dutchman's Cabin and take the prize
She'll take on any lesson challenge, even little angels you will find in Springsize

Oh but yet, the SaVy with words, like singing a song about the blues
Always a pleasure when SaVySam comes around, just read any one you choose

If your feelin blue and want to share some heartfelt words of love, maybe sorrow
Go by & meet Qualin, he'll lend you a squeeze box, sing you a song for happy tomorrow

He can give you sad works or maybe, 'Man to Woman', sensual, hot, send you into oblivion
He can be picky yet honest with opinions just for a nicer read, never mean, its just Obliadon

She can whisk you off to a place where destinies collide, with mere words at hand
She can spin you a Haiku and leave you MindNumbing twists of words her plan

Oh and did you know there are ghost haunting through the pages of OP's realm
Might be BVenture or Londo, haunting some words, but who is steering the helm

An old friend came back today, she's been gone a long while, busy life and all, a real lady
But if I whisper to the Great Spirits, hey black, she always answers my call miss blackfootlady

Mandi will take you into the Azure Blue Sky, her loving words brings tears to your eyes
A tribute to her nephew, crashed and burned, as he reached for the sky

There is more than just words created and shared, passion & romance you see a lot of
His NativeRose, sweet Tierra7, her CountryPoet, Terry, sparks ignited into flames of true love

Theres one who can write words of love to fill you with mystical magical dreams
Even if those words are all her own SecretDreams, we need oh much more, if you please

If you stumble with the words for the rhyme, never fear
Just look for the Rhymer, he will always be near

For rsalassi, age plays not part in the hand with the pen
He can rhyme it, time it, maybe even sprinkle it with cayenne

Now I can't forget my friend Drew McNee which rhymes with Shrew or knee
But wait, maybe I was thinking of MrGee who also rhymes with knee

Savant is a really good poet, he can really row it with any poet
His feelings he writes always show it

Now kdracy is such a hard working fellow
But he still finds the time to write even if its mellow

This friend will show you the healing powers of written words at hand
He might keep you in Sequence, show you Virtue of frog's game plan

Marie my dear friend Marie, always beautiful words make you stop
To feel the love of nature so grand, that makes you share a few teardrops

Who doesn't love a little magical mystery
With stefy, you might find a whimsical treasury

A sweet young lady who we don't see everyday
trocka7 will share her love in mystical ways

Doshima is a really neat fellow, with all the titles, of a great English professor
Sometimes he just Bubbles, take you to his Karma's door, but never make you feel lesser

Lets not forget that this place we share of love, laughter & tears, also has some
Inspiration of Gods' love, which gregster or BikemanRJ, will gladly share in days to come

Not meet kind Sir Stryx, his words are as sharp as his wits
Always the gentleman, never leave you behind in the sticks

Now this one is special, just a young fellow, on a path to greatness, and maybe a little shy
But don't mistake the sweet face of youth, young Helios, his words one day will touch the sky

ianscott is a good lookin guy, oh he gives me such a sigh
He might show you his battle cry, make you jump for the sky

Is your goal with words making you wish you could TouchTheStars in fame
She can make your Heart Leap, or spill some blood with words, imaginations the game

With the heart of a lion and the soul of a Muse, the inkmaster, artst of the tattoo
He can muse any poet with a poem or two of life's experiences, or maybe just woo you

Meet the koolmom0, laughs and love and a Sweet Woodland song
Oh but you might find Ooopsney's Key for her, want to play along

Now I just met a new poet friend, from the dark, he throws alternative light
From the shadows of life's existence, with
poetwhatnewt a song is there with a very Fine Line

His picture may be just an illusion, cause hes really not a scary poet
He can enchant you with his lyrics, for passion & love, Artie can really shot it

This poets just a small town gal, she'll sank into Eden with you, or maybe read to you
always happy to see you kah, to rhyme with the name, she'll leave in you awe, not blue

Vampires and werewolf's, just a few famous immortals, of his EvilPoems, in his name
A young poet, unafraid, take you down the dark path, if your brave, wana play his game

Ash212, another fine young poet, with charming words of love, maybe a Storybook or two
Young, a soul of old, true feelings she gives, her Panda is sad, yet tells it to you

Inspiration mimics his existence, his inner soul expresses the true soulwriter
See his Oil Painting and Never ever After will you fail to understand the writer

Now I am graced with many, many friends, each day here at OP
I truly feel blessed to call each of you my dear poet friends. All of my
friends, even if I didn't make it to your name to write a few rhymes,
make no mistake I will catch you next time, running through these pages
here at Original Poetry Land.
Loves ya bunches

duno if I am finished yet with this, but my brain is no frozen so Ima postin.
Maybe and edit or two along the way as friends discover their names......grins

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countrypoet commented on Doesn't need a title, let the words speak for themselves...LOL


Asha, Thank you for sharing this very wonderful poem.It really touches my heart.You have a great talent for writing beautiful poetry.May The Great Spirit richly bless you in all that you do.Love and light. Terry



thank you Terry for that heartfelt comment, I am happy that you liked it. I tried to write 2 lines for all my friends here but after 2 days writing that one my brain just I have them all in a list and will them in the next one............May the Great Spirit watch over you dear brother and keep healing your and light asha

tierra7 commented on Doesn't need a title, let the words speak for themselves...LOL


Lady Asha, W-A-O! this is really kewl! it really Rocks!!! you totally blew me away with this know how to set the night of Romance in a passionate trance for TNTee with the magic you create from the inkwell of your heart...thank you {{{huggz}}} this made me smile..may all good energy you put out come right back to you 3fold.... Namaste, Tierra@}-'-,



good, I am glad it worked, I wanted to see you smile and get out of that feeling the idiot put you in........glad you liked it.....thanks for the sweet comment........loves ya.***Namaste, asha

DrewMcNee commented on Doesn't need a title, let the words speak for themselves...LOL


I am stunned. What comment can I make? It is such an out pouring of pure expression. I search for response and then find dah's words of wisdom and truth be told and I am content to let him speak for this tribe of which I am but a fleeting visitor. Drew.



thank you dear friend, I am thrilled you liked and enjoyed it.....but yet there is so much more to come as I could not get to all my friends even after working on this one for two days.....but I have a list and will get to them all, for I feel so blessing to be amongst so many great poets, and this is my thanks for all the help, comments and advice they have given to me and more.......loves ya asha

Rhymer commented on Doesn't need a title, let the words speak for themselves...LOL


Can not add anything to DAH's comments. I did enjoy this captivating piece. Excellent job.



thank you dear, I am happy that you enjoyed it.....loves ya all asha

dahlusion commented on Doesn't need a title, let the words speak for themselves...LOL


From the hand of any other, this would have come across as a joke or a farce, but from the ceremonial mind of your spiritual ambition, that is, “to love and honor one and all as one and all together now”, this is a priceless display of your awareness, of your golden consciousness, of it’s “beautiful to be human, to be a poet, to be a flock, or a family, or a tribe”. Your voice here is solid and understood, earthy and together, almost like a mantra, or an incantation, and it dazzles, almost loudly with joyous laughter. This piece is a poetic monument to the laboring wordsmiths that create the metaphors that make poetry more playful, more magical, more needed, and more open-minded, than any other form of writing. Bravo!!!! —Peace and Light, Dah



wow, thank you dah, I am thrilled you enjoyed it.........I love all my friends here at op and have many more to mention yet........thanks for those beautiful words dear friend......loves ya asha

Poetry is what is lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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