My Dearest Brother


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  • Back online after loosing internet for a long time. I am very happy to finally be back with all my friends and I hope to de writing and posting soon. Love Asha

My Dearest Brother

My Dearest Brother

Many tears of sadness we shall cry
For the loss of the physical you, my dear brother
Our tears we shed shall be for the mortal you
That we no longer can see and hold
Fear not my beloved family
For I know He shall be watching over us all
From His Peaceful Kingdom Wrapped in the Golden Wings of Angels
No longer shall He feel sorrow, pain or sadness
Eternity shall find Him smiling down upon us all
As many as the stars that sparkle in the sky
From His Golden Kingdom in Heaven
Shall be His smiles and love He is showering down upon His loved ones
As you step out into our Natural World of Mother Nature
From those Golden Mountains which were His home
Listen to the breeze blowing through those Mountain Trees
For on that breeze you shall hear the Whispers of His Love
He is now sending to His beloved family left here on this Earth
His love for all of us did not stop when He left this physical world
For now He is free to shine down upon each of us
Without fear or tears of pain from His physical body
Now His love will shine freely like the sparkles of the stars from Heaven
His tears are now the sparkles in the stars of Happiness and Grace
For eternity now Wrapped in those Golden Wings of the Angels
Shall He smile down upon His beloved children and family
Look past the trees of what was His Glorious Mountain Home
To the stars and the Heavens above and know that He shall
Always guide you on your journey through this life without Him
Do not grieve now for His physical body that you say goodbye to
For now is His time as He has been called to the Heavens above
To watch over His loved ones with happiness
His pain and trials of life are now over and He is free and happy
His only job now in His Golden Realm of Heaven
Is to smile down upon His loved ones and Whisper His Love
Forever more hear those whispers from Him and see His
Smile watching over you in the Sparkles of the Stars in Heaven

For my beloved nephew Travis and niece Christy and family. These words I say for you
I love you all and miss you so very much
Love Aunt Pam and dear sister of Terry's

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carynontherhine commented on My Dearest Brother


My dearest friend, I apologize for not seeing this beautiful tribute to your brother. Please forgive my oversight. I do think op needs to alert us other then the forum which not every one of us looks at. I love your feelings in this write. Your beliefs stand strong and your love stronger. I would so like to believe that there is an afterlife. True, he no longer feels pain and agony of the shell that was his body. Forever joined, forever together in eternity you both shall be. Say hello to your hubby for me and I shall do the same to my loved ones. Love ya...Hugz



thank you dearest for the sweet comment, I have taken a few shots they are great. Yes you can call my anytime after 3 in the afternoon. Uncle John is a day sleeper. sorry have not been on much still really tired from the weekend and have a bad headache today........just one of those things ya know...........loves ya can't wait to see all of you all asha

FranzJ commented on My Dearest Brother


Dear Asha, I can se from the words in your poem that your brother must have been a special person, some one a little sister could be proud to call " my big brother.' I am sure he loved you and cared about you much as you did him. Again, Sorry for your loss.



thank you dear friend for you caring words, he was a great asha

Springsize commented on My Dearest Brother


Dear Asha, your words to your brother are touching... as his love will ALWAYS touch you and yours... though the sense of touch is lighter now... as a starlight .... and I see that you were blessed with a special relationship, to have had this experience of sharing closeness for so many years.... and he has left his child as a reminder of his significance here...



thank you dear for those caring words from your heart.....loves ya asha

dahlusion commented on My Dearest Brother


Masterfully conceived from the depths of your beautiful soul. May the light be forever and eternally bright.



thank you dear friend for those heartfelt words..........loves ya bunches asha

ginga commented on My Dearest Brother


Asah, Your prayer poem is exquisite and full of passion and love. Dear brother rests in the arms of the holy spirit and angels. Amen ginga



thank you dear friend for your caring words.....I am glad you like my last words to my asha

The true philosopher and the true poet are one, and a beauty, which is truth, and a truth, which is beauty, is the aim of both.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Poet (1803-1882)

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