Misbegotten Greed


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    Misbegotten Greed

    "In dreams like these,"
    he was heard to say,
    "success for all aspirations."
    It cannot be (they've told me);
    bitter guile-
    a prelude to victory?
    And yet still
    the waters run,
    vast and distant
    the shore beckons.
    Tears that fall
    and with each time,
    draw me forth
    from sanctuary's lulling.
    Mask the face
    this bitter flavor
    has to all familiar a taste.
    Fate extends
    a hand of acceptance;
    turn down the light
    so I can grieve.
    Infernal acceptance
    be thy will,
    so shall it be.
    Allude to all
    your misbegotten treasures-
    be gone....
    Live inside your transparency,
    pull down the veil:
    truth or lies?
    In the end
    it's little difference
    as to the reasons why.
    Release me now,
    I am not afraid-
    this soul is free,
    I am ready to die.

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    DeepEclipse commented on Misbegotten Greed


    This is one to dive into. I have many meanings that come to me, but I can't quite grasp the total picture. It reads to me as one who is drawn out...enticed.....yet still they see the -transparancy- of the false claim. Perhaps tormented, or overwhelmed.....by knowing the taint of greed. Your words are very refined and draw an elegant picture to this poem. Subtle, yet sharp. Like a rapier. Well written.

    themommyof2 commented on Misbegotten Greed


    Interesting. I'm glad that you ended it on a positive note in my thinking.

    nonners commented on Misbegotten Greed


    pretty grim poem there. well written-good flow-ty for sharing

    Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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