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    Chapter 60 - Th'Hearing Capitol Hill Poets versus & The United States versus Jimmy New Orleans Cases that Can Not Be Disposed Of

    The Rodney Matthews Train pulled into Union Station, the hub of Washington D.C. Charlie was not seen on the train, and when Red and Andy asked Mr.Welchberry about him. Mr. Welchberry told them Charlie was probably already in D.C. relaxing in a pool or steam room, and waiting for their arrival.

    Unlike any other day, the hearing was to be held outside on the grounds of Capitol Hill. Because many people wanted to be there. Red and Andy had gained so much respect from the railroad community, and the literary arts community, furthermore respect from citizens that just believed in the innovation these two have for the future. All of this gave America a great sense of hope that hasn't been seen or felt in a long time. Red and Andy had broke all negative notions about high speed rail, and found private investors to build this high speed rail-road all throughout America. Furthermore they created a internet design that can braid poetry, poets, and poetry history, with train, railroaders, and railroad history all over the world, furthermore ways to protect poets poetry for ages. Red and Andy were average men from poverty that became American Heroes, furthermore International Heroes. They didn't like that title, but we all know what the tongue can do. All they wanted to do was restore the name of poetry, the railroads, and America, that was clearly behind in the times. What fascinated everyone was the fact that what some believed, like the Indigenous American's, the railroad's ruined the nature of and the country, but at the same time the railroads built America, so the same thing that either ruined or built America is the same technology that can save this country, besides the wisdom of poetry and the wisdom of Robin Bates for better living, into which who they advocate also.

    The day was beautiful, with a light breeze. Magic was completely hidden in plain sight. Small talk in the court yard was the grounds resembled an Owl from an aerial view. Charles Dickens called D.C. the "city of magnificent distances." Red and Andy remembered the history here all the way to Harper's Valley as they got off of the train. They were guided by the secret service. The secret service also apprehended their prisoners Jimmy New Orleans and baby elephant OP. They were taken underground to the courtyard. When they arrived they seen the sky was filled with Owls. Everyone was there they have met and wrote about on the journey. It took some time to get past everyone and meeting them again as they made their way to their seats.

    Andy tapped Red on the shoulder and said, Well look here, Eddie Lee Sean is the judge. Now isn't that something. A lumber jack, huh. Well it is a small time and space world after all. Andy and Red then laughed.

    Jimmy New Orleans and baby elephant OP were brought out from their cell and cage, and was made to stand and not sit down. It's been a long time since they didn't have registrants on. Andy looked and sensed their short moment of freedom. Red and Andy looked behind them, and there behind them was Charlie, Alphonso G. Newcomer and Edgar Allen Poe. They all three smiled and nodded their heads to Red and Andy.

    “All Rise in the presence of the Court in the Courtyard,” said the Clerk.

    “Good Morning, will council please identify themselves for the record and to the court,” said Judge Eddie Lee Sean.

    “Good Morning your honor.” “United States Attorney Allison Leotta for United States, and behalf of Red and Andy who are in the behalf of poetry and the railroads,” Allison Leotta replied.

    “Good Morning your honor.” “Stuart V. Goldberg on behalf of,” said Stu-art V. Goldberg.

    “Good Morning your honor.” “Michael J. Costello on behalf of Jimmy New Orleans,” said Michael J. Costello.

    “State your name for the record and to the court,” said Judge Eddie Lee Sean.


    “Jimmy New Orleans.”

    “Would the clerk please administer the oath to and Jimmy New Orleans?” Asked Judge Eddie Lee Sean.

    “Swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help God,” said the Clerk. held up its wounded front leg and said “I do.”

    Jimmy raised his right hand and said, “I do.”

    “The United States has filed a complaint enacted insisted on this matter that you both have been brought in for me today because the United States Attorney has charged you with a violations of the law,” said Judge Eddie Lee Sean.

    “ you have been charged with breaking federal law, demoralization, false advertising, broken publishing and royalty agreement. Abandonment, and the economic prosperity of the poets of this country,” said Judge Eddie Lee Sean.

    “Jimmy New Orleans you have been charged with breaking federal law, impersonating a lawman, murder, atrocities and massacres, privatizing on government funds, manipulating gold and railroad stock, gun smuggling, bootlegging, fixed gambling, prostitution, extortion and other crimes against the economic prosperity of the citizens of this country,” said Judge Eddie Lee Sean.

    “Now the purpose of this hearing is to decided guilt or innocence,” said Judge Eddie Lee Sean.

    “Your honor, OP was captured on the 20th of June of 2011, and Jimmy New Orleans was captured and detained in California on 21st of June of 2012,” said Allison Leotta. “Pretrial was dismissed for both of them in Hawaii, because of the risk of flight.” “OP is a danger to poets, and the publishing community.” “Jimmy is a danger to the advancement of high-speed rail to boost the economy, and both are risks to the safety of this country's communities.” “My clients, Red and Andy had to do their own investigations, and act as Magistrates.”

    “Why?” Asked the Judge Eddie Lee Sean.

    “Because no one cares about poetry,” “They tried to find private investigators, and even contacted important journalists, and no one wanted to help the poets who post their work on,” replied Allison Leotta.

    “Why?” Asked the Judge Eddie Lee Sean.

    “Modernism and the devaluation of education in America,” said Allison Leotta, “Your honor, and competition from other types of entertainment: movies, radio, TV.” “Also part of it is competition from poetry itself.” “For one important thing, it's barely taught in schools any-more.” “Your honor there are a couple of generations who can't even decode a cereal box, let alone a poem.” “The dreaded diminished attention span.” “Reading poetry requires training.” “Few are willing to put in the time either to train or be trained.” “And neither high school nor university does a good job of training.” “The way poetry is taught in schools has killed the appreciation of poetry for most people.” “In high school, it's all about picking apart each line for the symbols, psychoanalyzing the poet, etc.” “Then in college you have these classes where the poems are immediately reduced to their simplest political and cultural statements.” “The message conveyed is that poems are a lot of work for little reward.” “Further more your honor, advertising displaced poetry.” “Advertising uses slogans and wordplay, and often looks to use simple but clever language.” “As advertising became more prominent in society, poetry moved towards more esoteric forms.” “Poetry used more effusive and verbose language, becoming more academic in nature, and more cut off from the average person who would have normally read poetry, because more plain-spoken wordplay had been claimed by advertising copywriters.” “Poetry asks why and revels in not only the asking, but the coming to an understanding of it.” “Just like you and the jury, furthermore Congress, your honor about these cases.” “We don't value that and we don't, as a general rule, have the imagination or practical learning to explore poetry.” “We also tend to blame what you might call the gentrification of poetry.” “Poetry was once a form of entertainment accessible to everyone, although it could also be as artfully designed as the poet's inspiration could manage.” “Today's poetry fans are those who can afford to sink tremendous mental capital into the low yields of today's and yesterdays poets.” “Everyone else has been priced out of the market.” “With the advent of a lot of things I'm going to lump under the term free verse there arose an idea that there was an artfulness to poetry which was independent of or even defied the kind of artfulness which made the form entertaining.” “This kind of thinking escalated to the point that popular appeal was seen as a negative quality in a poem.” “At first it was just that people trained in traditional verse techniques could do wonderful things by breaking away from the structures the tradition imposed on them.” “Subsequently, their work was imitated by people who never actually studied the traditional verse techniques to begin with, and were encouraged to assume they were just a hindrance anyway, and so didn't have the mental tools to see the subtleties underlying the things they were imitating.” “But luckily, poetry readers had be-come accustomed to putting up with a great deal of obscurity even to the point of putting more value on things that were hard to understand on the grounds that the alternative was to risk being exposed as not getting it.” “So with all of that said, does that give people like aka baby elephant OP, the right to take advantage of poets of Volume 1 and 2?” Allison Leotta turned and looked at OP and said, “And I repeat, does that give people like aka baby elephant OP, the right to take advantage of poets of Volume 1 and 2?”

    “How are these two cases tied together?” Judge Eddie Lee Sean Asked.

    “Your honor when I say prosperity I am meaning mental, spiritual, and financial prosperity.” “The both of them are corporate tycoons with probable cause, who have broken federal law, demoralization, crimes against United States poets and poetry, and the economic prosperity of the citizens of this country,” said Allison Leotta, “False advertising since the 27th of December of 2010, also broken publishing and royalty agreement and abandonment.”

    “Can you tell me more of why on the offenses of Jimmy New Orleans?” Judge Eddie Lee Sean Asked.

    “Yes, by bumping off key American citizens, murder your honor” said Allison Leotta, “And financially blocking every one experienced in high-speed rail who pursue business in a professional like manner with common sense engineering.” “Blocking state agencies dedicated to affordable and effective high speed rail.” “Also blocking public-private partnership, with States paying for environmental studies and cost effective strategies.” “Also distorting public bidding processes so the public can compete.” “Keeping the public interest out.” “Like eliminating neighborhood impacts, minimal environmental and agricultural impacts.” “Economic feasibility plans.” “At-grade construction much cheaper, but not as cheap so it all falls apart.” “Getting more what you pay for.” “They are both part of a common scheme.” “Preying on the public, and uneducated.”

    “And what does this have to do with poetry and poets?” Judge Eddie Lee Sean Asked.

    “The poets seek employment to take care of themselves, their families, and to buy a book of poetry once a month,” said Allison Leotta, “They can't find employment doing what they love, or even settling for less.” “Along time ago your honor some poets were court jesters.” “This means they were talented enough to get hired by the court systems.” “They got the right to sit at tables with masters, and say whatever came into their heads.” “Freedom of Speech I say, but there's no freedom of reach.” “Good poets are rare your honor.” “In the old days, one would say, My father sired his own poet; if you want one too, then go and sire one for yourself." “Also your honor, good poets that were poor were taken in and looked after by a wealthy family.” “A poets prosperity declined from the things I have mentioned, but goes further back to the rise of the stage actor.”

    “So you are saying I should hire Andy and Red?” Judge Eddie Lee Sean Asked.

    “No your honor, what I am saying is, poets and poetry have nowhere to go or be prosperous,” said Allison Leotta.

    “They get taken advantaged of all the time, because of mind sets, and hearts with no respect.” “They get no respect.” “The unemployed American citizen also has nowhere to go or be prosperous.”

    “Does have a prior record?” Judge Eddie Lee Sean Asked.

    “Not on record your honor,” Allison Leotta replied.

    “Does Jimmy New Orleans have a prior record?” Judge Eddie Lee Sean Asked.

    “Yes, but he was never apprehended.” “He has warrants that go back to 1857,” Allison Leotta replied.

    “Do you have evidence, and have you given statements to the defense under the Jencks act?” Judge Eddie Lee Sean Asked.

    “Yes, your honor to both questions.” “I have a live exhibit, and live testimony's,” Allison Leotta replied.

    “And Brady material?”Judge Eddie Lee Sean Asked.

    “Yes, your honor,” Allison Leotta replied, “Your honor before the defense speaks, can I mention some important things that need to be addressed?”

    “Yes.” replied Judge Eddie Lee Sean.

    “Your honor we are asking the congress to fix, regulate, and create provisions for proper licensing to anyone opening a poetry website, online magazine for poetry, or an online small press,” Allison Leotta asked. “My clients Red and Andy has studied and licensed themselves, and learned there is ways to protect poets for ages, and the poets beneficiaries can benefit from their work for long after one passes.” “Even after copyrights go into public domain.” “Also your honor, Red and Andy are not making themselves look like an authority on anything on the internet designing a fancy good-looking website.” “They follow codes of ethics and honor with organizations, and the same with their writings.”“Your honor, we don't want the literary world turning into the modern music business, although your honor, traditional music publishing is actually the key to doing this for poetry and the poets.” “We just want to state this because Red and Andy have respect, morals, and do positive things for poetry, the railroads, and the youth.” “I have no further opening statements your honor,” said Allison Leotta.

    “Cross examination please,” said the Clerk.

    “They have broken rule six and seven of the federal rules of criminal procedure government indictments,” said Stuart V. Goldberg.

    “Objection your honor,” said Allison Leotta, “No, the grand jury, Red and Andy have done all of their work in secrecy and private.” “Just like we the United States have done for the capturing of Osama Bin Laden.”

    “Poets cut themselves off from the world, so poetry doesn't make money.” said Stuart V. Goldberg, “It seems like to me the 19th century was definitely the high water mark for poetry, as pure poets seemed to be quite popular in their own right.” “I don't know that poetry is necessarily going through anything it hasn't gone through before.” “And some of the more famous 19th century poets weren't as widely respected then as they are now.” “In the 19th century how many poets can we say were, true superstars, people who transcended time and are going to be famous for the ages, not just to the literary elites but to everyone?” “You can count it on one hand.” “I don't believe that this was inevitable or simply a product of television and the movies.” “I don't buy the idea comprehensibility making a difference.” “Song lyrics frequently don't make literal sense, and fans spend a lot of time arguing over what lyrics mean.” “But if you look back at early centuries it seems that most poets made their bread and butter as playwrights, which was a much more profitable venture, so yes they lost out be-cause of the stage actor.” “Shakespeare and Jonson both have some famous poems out there but primarily paid the bills writing plays.” “Or in the 19th century as authors of novels or short stories.” “In the 20th century there were lots of poets, but just like in past centuries the number that I think will transcend their lifetimes again can be counted on one hand.”

    “ Stuart V. Goldberg,” said Judge Eddie Lee Sean.

    “Yes, your honor,” replied Stuart V. Goldberg.

    “If you keep clicking that ink pen of yours, I will fine you $100.00,” said Judge Eddie Lee Sean.

    “Yes, your honor,” replied Stuart V. Goldberg.

    “My client built for his wife, but it doesn't make money, and with the economy the way it is, more important things are at hand,” Stuart V. Goldberg.

    “It says here on the website there is a poetry contest,” said Judge Eddie Lee Sean, “Stuart V. Goldberg your client is advertising, and I will read this myself to the court.” “What's the prize for winning the weekly poetry contest?”“By winning the weekly poetry contest, you also win one of the 52 open spots (one spot for each week of the year) in a poetry book that we are going to have published.” “Once all of the spots for the book have been filled, the book will be published.” “Any profit made from the sale of the poetry books with be split between all of the poets published in the book and Original Poetry.” “Fifty percent (50%) of the profit will go to and the other fifty percent (50%) will be split among the published poets.” “I have something to ask you, and your client.” “If your wife was scammed by poetry website, what would you do?” “I have another question.” “Does your client realize he is talking about American currency here?” “This website was built out and in the of the state of Michigan.” “Is Michigan a state of the United States of America?”

    “Your honor, I am single, yes, this is American money, and Michigan is a state of the United States of America,” replied Stuart V. Goldberg.

    Everyone waited for to answer the questioning. didn't reply, and chose to remain silent just as when was apprehended.

    “Judge Eddy Lee Sean,” said Allison Leotta, “The only logical thing we can confirm is that is filling a data base with poets who are uneducated, and unaware of what is going on.” “And the ones that do keep posting and have this knowledge simply do not care, or they do not value others.” “It is possible is waiting for everyone to pass, and then take advantage of them, or sell the data base later at a point.” “There was a statement made by one of the webmasters, that they need a controversy, and this will sell the books they propose to publish.” “Your honor, I have witnesses from the site, and from outside sources, that poets from the site offered to buy it, pay the bills, find solutions to keep the site true to poetry and American currency, but kept silent, and did not reply to anyone via email and those that put their lives involved in this online poetry commu-nity.” “Many poets thought would protect them and their ideas for the site.” “The site has a forum asking poets to post feedback on improvements, upgrades, or changes you would like to see on our website.” “Many ideas have been stolen from this, a book store and a poem bank.” “Your honor we are asking the congress to fix, regulate, and create provisions for proper licensing to anyone opening a poetry website, online magazine for poetry, or an online small press.” “Also we want numbers on volume 1 that is currently being sold on” “Also volume 2 would be nice to have published, but considering's conduct it may not be a good idea.”

    “I am reading the Volume 2 petition that was erased from the forums,” said Judge Eddie Lee Sean.

    Andy and Red gazed at the Owls. Andy had a tear, because of his love (was not present).

    “Are these poets here who signed this petition?” Asked Judge Eddie Lee Sean.

    “Yes, your honor,” replied Allison Leotta.

    “Would the petition poets please rise?”Asked Judge Eddie Lee Sean. “ I have read the testimony's of the victims of OP,” “Clerk, please, administer the oath to the petitioned poets.”

    Six poets rose, and spoke their names to the court.

    “Swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help God,” said the Clerk.

    Six poets answered, “I do.”

    Judge Eddie Lee Sean spoke, “I have two questions for you.” “How did you feel about posting poems back in the day at OP, your very first day, your very first day?” “After the site didn't follow through with their intentions, how do you feel about going there now?

    POET 1 spoke, It felt great. I had things that I had spent a lot of time on and that I was proud of, the main means I had of sorting myself out and discovering beauty in the world, and now I could share them. It was the first thing I had ever shared with more than my classmates, literature or otherwise. I really treasured the feedback, good and bad, and the guidance and encouragement. I was a little hurt when the site slowed, but I had also grown worried. All the work was online, I had to worry about protecting it, even though it was a little too much worry to put into a hobby of mine. I was sad to see it go, but I was also going off to school and in a few months would write no more poetry in verse. I don't really visit the site very often. Usually when I do, it's to make sure poems I remember could be read again, but most were gone.

    POET 2 spoke, I felt happy that I was on to a good thing where I could share a literary camaraderie with many poets in different parts of the world, and of varying culture, humor and inspirational experience. There was special gratification in finding others poets and I, though writing in our own peculiar vein, passion, rhythm and style, shared a similar dynamic and sympathetic poetical thread running through our poetry. I felt betrayed when incompatible elements crept into OP, and made it untenable to continue as a member of a once wonderful and blooming association of poets. This situation was further aggravated by the principals remaining anonymous and indifferent.

    POET 3 spoke, It felt great posting poems at OP, I still post there once in a blue moon. I never left from I and many others know it's awesome what you're doing Red and Andy, and truly no one else has the unique capabilities and/or passion/time to dive into such an honorable undertaking. I'm not concerned at all about copyright infringements/plagiarism pertaining to my poetry. I've been a published poet for several decades now and I 'm included in many anthologies worldwide. *best poems and poets 2003* (, I was # 1 in the U.S., UK, London, New York, Paris.... just a fortunate poet I am! I hold no grudges against OP, Op is made up of people and you know as well as I know that people are (predictable and unpredictable).

    POET 4 spoke, It really felt so wonderful! To have someone read my poems than b4, savè from cockroaches, it's only me who read connect with the same minded individual...8s rare...I really miss the site so much and that feeling of family that is only a nostalgia right now.

    POET 5 spoke, I don't go to OP - ever. There is no reason for me to post or go to the site. I have found other sites that are run well. The site self-imploded. 21st Century Poets is a good site, and Michelle and Dan are working things out there. There are plenty of well run sites out there; why waste time with a site run by administrators who do not care about promises they made to their community?

    POET 6 spoke, I enjoyed it at first; it got me into contact with some fine poets and friends, a stepping stone for me. I am not interested in OP, or going back to it. I met some wonderful people at OP but the infighting, name calling and general crap that was happening was not professional and detrimental to the development of many fine young poets.. I have keep track of my friends, those I could and that is all I want from OP; life is too short to scatter your pearls in the muck. I rather spend my time in creative friendly blogs like Wattpad and 21st. I have no time for snotty nosed people who think they are the end all of end alls.

    Allison Leotta. Looked down at her papers because she knew the others were not there. She then said, “Your honor, some poets are not here yet.” “ They are arriving by Train.” “Other poets are so hurt, that they haven't responded to emails or subpoena's.”

    Andy whispered to Red, They'd be here already if there were high-speed rail.

    Judge Eddie Lee Sean said, “O.K. Give me some time to read some statements of Red and Andy.” Judge Eddie Lee Sean read the ending of the statements and glanced back through the petition. He looked at Alphonso Newcomer and Newcomer's work, and asked for Michael J. Costello on behalf of Jimmy New Orleans.

    “Here your honor,” said Michael J. Costello.

    Judge Eddie Lee Sean said, “Bailiff's bring Jimmy New Orleans up here to me.” “I want to speak with Mr. Orleans.” “Because this is the last time he will be called mister.”

    The Bailiff's brought Jimmy New Orleans and Judge Eddie Lee Sean spoke, "How many criminals have mastered their art in this way? How many are able to provide the comprehensive pleasures of authentic criminology? Are all these authorities who complain about too many poets, aren't these decrying critic rats in essence advocating genocide against poets?

    Jimmy New Orleans answered, “We have poetry on satellite radio, and each can listen to what is desired all day long.” “We can just stay in our roomettes and let the poets take us away.” “That's what everyone else does not have, as good a system to serve out to its different audiences, but there is poetry train.” “Europe uses trains for people, and trucks for goods.”“We do the opposite.” “Because watching mile long trains full of products is not as politically sexy as high speed rails, and some people are upset.”

    “Objection” said, Allison Leotta, “Jimmy New Orleans is in no way associated with, and how did he know about our poetry on satellite radio?”

    Andy and Red looked back shaking their heads at Charlie because Jimmy New Orleans was up to his tricks, and it wasn't heard fully but it sounded like Judge Eddie Lee Sean was in on something, but who knows. Alphonso Newcomer shook his head, and he was getting sick again, so he got up to go to the restroom. He walked past Poe and others. Poe was staring at Jimmy, with a look in his eye. Poe reached down into his shoe, and took out a wooden shank. He followed Alphonso in the aisle. Alphonso went to the right to exit out of the courtyard, and Poe went to the left running. Poe ran up to Jimmy New Orleans, and stabbed him in the neck, but not killing him, saying, “He pleads insanity your honor, and we can't have the insane ruining things for poets.” Poe pulled Jimmy by the hair and through him to the floor. Poe looked at OP, and ran down the walkway out. Alphonso was at the exit, he waved for Red, Andy and Charlie to come, waved harder motioning for them to run. Red, and Andy looked at each, then they looked at Charlie.

    Charlie said, “Well, what are we waiting on.”

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    Queenofblades07 commented on Th'Hearing


    It's so long that by the time I am done reading it I have lost interest.

    windsongs commented on Th'Hearing


    to much time :) one word for this- dandy-word of the day:)

    When power leads man towards arrogance, poetry reminds him of his limitations. When power narrows the area of man's concern, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of existence. When power corrupts, poetry cleanses.

    John F. Kennedy (1917-1963) Thirty-fifth President of the USA

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    The Vultures of Coinstown (vs The Moth Men) 5
    Time Wears High Heels 8
    A Renegades Rhythm of Remorse 7
    The Office of Fire (Sonnet) 5
    OP-School of Poetry Assignments 2010 0
    Purple Politics 19
    Flying Flowers 25
    Derby Girl and the Equity of Pain 11
    My Memoir of Young Madelynn 14
    Umbrella 12
    Flag of Many Colors 7
    Spun 9
    Poet Country (Iron In Your Fire) 7
    Poet Country (Iron In Your Fire) 1
    Country (Iron In Your Fire)
    Puppies 22
    Tasmanian Sun 6
    Who's World is Gothic? 15
    Ba-Sudi-Chin Miraku (A Birthday-Our Miracle) 5
    *69* 9
    Jaywalking Through Times Past (Cane of Faith) 12
    Extra Innings 11
    Maddis' Grin 0
    The Common Things of Wretched Perfection 11
    Slingshots For Words and Giants 10
    Read The Sunday Dragon-Fly Paper 11
    Until the Clovers Turn Gold 12
    *Blood Star*·.¸(¨
    Debris 13
    Trinity Lane 7
    Living In Your Website 13
    Spiritual Lawyer 6
    High 11
    Foolish Pieces 10
    Somewhere Is The Forbidden 4
    My Fossil Was A Flower 66
    If Valentines Wore Clothes 31
    The Poem That Meant A Lot 23
    A Poets Last Poem 1
    The Wicked Rubix Cube Clan 17
    The Ways They Breathe 11
    The Influence of the Sounding Gun 1
    Moonpalachia 13
    The White Day In Happy Purple 5
    The White Day In Happy Purple 1
    Adamas Liaison 13
    Sippy Cup 15
    Diamond Boy 18
    Spontaneous Poet Combustion 16
    Watermelon 7
    Spirits' Pillow 10
    In Flesh Under The Mexican Moon 7
    Walk On Light 3
    Grace, A Prayer For Thy Enemy 6
    Witch Craft 3
    Sky Warrior 10
    Call Out Forever, Before Forever Calls 4
    Cosmic Syncrony 10
    Wonder Murdered 0
    Love' Hook Blade Man 0
    Maddis' Grin 0
    Among The Entrophies 0
    Black Swans Awn Pink Lawns 8
    A Fallen Star, The American Car 9
    Awaken Cupid From Sleep 25
    Thief of Fire 16
    Awake Cupid From Sleep 0
    Vacant Houses 21
    Snowball & Einstien~Chri
    stmas Love Birds
    Visit The Kiss/Romantic Train 8
    Siamese Nightja-wu 9
    To Be With You 8
    The Mere Promise/Horse of Love 18
    Popcorn in the Fields of Golden Poo 17
    Call Out Forever, Before Forever Calls 0
    I Call Out Forever, Before Forever Calls 0
    The Greatest Story Untold (Trio of Life) 19
    Merry Christmas Mr. & Mrs. Hampton 19
    Turn On The Christmas Tree 0
    Descending Exhibits 0
    Anthem of Echoes 10
    Snotty Nose & Soar Throat 0
    A Southern Kentucky Home 10
    American Haiku 0
    Poets Dawn 15
    Oh Little Leaves 0
    The Corpse of Yesterday Twitching 0
    Shall Tears Be Ink 0
    Shall Tears Be Ink 0
    Face The Poetry 0
    Claim This Spirit Belongs To You 0
    Lettering Littering 0
    Lettering Littering 0
    Fishing With Words 0
    When The Laugh Cried and the Cry Laughed 32
    I, Amherst-it hurts 0
    The Dwarf Spider Warfs Wider 0
    Kisses Road Was Unknown 0
    Sacrificed Sacred Ice 0
    The Humblest Snack 0
    She, The Gaurding Bard 0
    The Days In Her Illuminations 22
    Jack O' Lantern Jr. 0
    Help! 0
    I Kneel and Pray For the Children of Today 0
    I Kneel and Pray For the Children of Today 0
    I Kneel and Pray For the Children of Today 0
    It's All So Beautiful When Untouched 16
    Poetry 0
    Leroy, Get Me The Chainsaw 12
    Snaptix 0
    Who Wants To Be The Football?? 0
    Yabba Dabba Dont! 19
    Wizard of Stone 14
    The Grid of Her Heart 60
    Neck 0
    These Words Will Be A Memory 0
    Chrome Less ((2009 Groovin Posie)) 0
    The Picture 11
    One Night We Went Driving 0
    Whet Me/Rite 10
    She Couldn't Give Up The World 17
    Ramblings of a Poets Mistress 0
    Beautifire (alpha) 25
    I Want To Get Drunk With Slash Again 0
    I Want To Get Drunk With Slash Again 0
    Angels Await 0
    Me Dorito 0
    Mother Memory 0
    Me Dorito 0
    The Bamboozles 0
    The Bamboozles 0
    August Moon 0
    +Now Else IS Shaping+ 0
    In The Likes Of Whitch I Marvel 0
    An Escape I Allowed Has Found Its Way Out Of The Zoo 0
    The Standing 4 Fours 0
    The Performer 0
    House of So 0
    The Astronaut Song 0
    Diabla 0
    Earth Ninos 0
    Ciencia Friction 0
    Leaking Gravity/Dawn Land 0
    Surrender Your Booty 0
    Treasury Tower 0
    The Pain Is Missing 0
    Nothing Happens Again 0
    The Day The Wickedness Was Lost 0
    The Bi-Polar Bear vs The Rinoureous Dick © 0
    Whet Me/Rite (The Rerun) 0
    Hidden Dragons 0
    WW4 0
    DJs In Sleeping Bags 0
    The Balrogs 0
    My Galaxy 0
    My GALaxy 0
    Tsar Bomba 0
    Tsar Bomba 0
    The Old Man And The Mountians 0
    Sell My Soul 0
    Mount Doom 0
    Demon Talk 0
    Rabbits and Butterflies 0
    RockHound 0
    Matrick Pathew 0
    Clean 0
    The Lure Of The Maiden 0
    Screamed Off The Roof 0
    She of The Tombs 0
    The Lure of the Maiden 0
    The Stuff of Sexy 0
    Spinxter Siphon Filter 0
    Witch Way Farms 0
    The Invisible Poem (Shake n Ink) 0
    The Invisiblw]e Poem (Shake n Ink) 0
    The Invisible Poem (Scratch N Ink) 0
    Mimicry, Words, & Gestures 0
    A Shear Trail To Seattle Wa U.S.A. 0
    Nursing Home Rhymes 0
    Love Bound 0
    Gary 0
    Got To Do It Slow, ;) 0
    Western Haiku #2 0
    Eyes 0
    That of the/a Mustard Seed 0
    Hearts Home 0
    Looking At Me 0
    Looking At Me 0
    Not A Day My Eyes Rest 0
    Not A Day My Eyes Rest 0
    Not A Day My Eyes Rest 0
    Not A Day I My Eyes Rest 0
    Not A Day I My Eyes Rest 0
    Frenzied Song and Dance 0
    Word 0
    Western Haiku 0
    Malignant Onslaught 0
    Shakira 0
    My Little Kittens 0
    Day Break 0
    I Can't See You Fall 0
    The Zombies of Haidi 0
    The Zombies of Haidi 0
    The Zombies of Haidi 0
    The Zombies of Haidi 0
    Cob Web 0
    Sheen of Children 0
    The Bottomless Future 0
    They Hated Me First 0
    Madversity 0
    Shedding Away Yesterday 0
    Another Night In Baghdad (Deja-Vu) 0
    450 A.D. 0
    Beneath My Skin 0
    Depth 0
    Sinergy 0
    Wed My 0
    Divided World Crime, Bill of Wrongs and Dittos 0
    Funds R Mental 0
    Atomic-16 0
    Head Room Dust 0
    Caterpillar Speedcrawl 0
    Ironic Trip 0
    Lament 0
    Stomping JabberWocky (A Cento of Lewis Carroll) 0
    Beneath My Skin 0
    Gems 0
    A Steph Up 0
    U.R.T.N.T 0
    7-7-07 0
    To Mindee 0
    Ten/10 0
    Mayor-(Minus) 0
    Ten/10 0
    The Quiet Quitus 0
    The Quiet Quitus 0
    The Quiet Quietes 0
    Haters & Hammers 0
    Death Wish Charlie 0
    Meg Ryan 0
    Rebecca Romijn 0
    Kelly Preston 0
    Kelly Monaco 0
    Sky Warrior 0
    Sesame Street Murders 0
    Rapture Man 0
    Rature Man 0
    White Elf 0
    Baboon Finger 0
    Armies of The Forgotten 0
    The Call For Protocol 0
    Instinctive Sorrow 0
    Never Drys 0
    Hawg Jaws Tha Saw Dawg 0
    A Fair Liberty Well 0
    5-Ten-7 0
    Fortunes In The Lord 0
    But Then We Danced 0
    Soul Mirror 0
    Kenglish: Tournament of Penom 0
    Kenglish; Tournamnet of Penom 0
    The Flash Prayer 0
    What A Treaty To The Trick 0
    Scared Sacred Tree 0
    The Celestial Wheel 1
    So By His Blood So By His Name 0
    In The Cloak of Flesh 0
    The Heartfelt Notice 0
    The Vrillian Vriller 0
    Peter and Paul inc 0
    The River of Blaze 0
    Starithmetic 0
    Christmas Shopping In June 0
    Bellouise 0
    Wizard of Stone Circle 0
    Hot Flat Soda Drink 0
    Bringing Home The Buffalo 0
    The Green House In The Stars 0
    Venusian Bang-A-Thon 0
    Behind Ashlyn 0
    Tacos 0
    Sex 21 Stories Up 0
    No Where To Leave Paradise 0
    The Stuff of Sexy 0
    Over Soul/Neo-Eon-
    Among The Entropies 0
    The Orca and the Owl 0
    Intense Redeemed Blood 0
    D6 My Eyes Accelerando 0
    Bed Badge 0
    2060 A.D. 0
    The Call of the Werewolf 0
    Nightmares Scaped Moons Ago 0
    Nightmare Scaped Moons Ago (Cantos 1-5) 0
    Degenerate Puzzle 0
    The Emperor and the Hyena 0
    For Life 0
    Fires' Rainbow 0
    Astral Eyes 0
    Rocco Rollo Land 0
    What Remains Next? 0
    What Remains Next? 0
    A Poem In Stone 0
    Puddles of Pudgy Pudding Poetry 0
    The Vow 0
    Obedience of 10 0
    Thought I Was Dead 0
    Realm 0
    Luck Is Confidence 0
    Silent Sky 0
    Question 0
    Closed Creatures 0
    Phantasm Ghost Gang 0
    Papa Loves Your Comedy Mama 0
    Edible Soap 0
    Twacked Twylla 0
    Bumper Caskets 0
    Concerto in God 0
    In Sighting 0
    The River of Blaze 0
    No Slipping In The Slam 0
    Graceful Heart 0
    Reach Grasp and Hold 0
    Locus Bread 0
    To Be Like Nadia Anjaman 0
    Helliette & The Zabracazebra 0
    Genuine 0
    Mascara Tears 0
    Whispering Meadows 0
    Besso De Neava Skies 0
    Spell Me 0
    Black Swans Awn Pink Lawns 0
    Psalms In Calm Palms 0
    Whet Me/Rite 0
    Citizens of Eternity 0
    John E WordSlinger 0
    Run For The Stars 0
    Return of the Giants 0
    The Great Created W 0
    Nights Flip Over 0
    Chancellor of Honor 0
    Surviving Word/Haiku 0
    Snaptix 0
    Thick Moonlight 0
    Poetry Like Baseball 0
    Snaptix 0
    Surviving Word/Haiku 0
    She Couldn't Give Up The World 0
    Comparative Darkness 0
    Between The Eternities 0
    Never Sphere 0
    My Need of Your Lamp 0
    The Stallions Harem 0
    Trilieus 0
    Enigma Wrap 0
    Grip of Darkness (Enlarged For Texture) 0
    Vampiric Gorillas On Bikes 0
    Acres of Godlike Bones 0
    O* Zero Degrees of Uniqueness 0
    A Poets' Day 0
    Website Nurse 0
    Enemy Foil 0
    Awareness Scope 0
    Nothing Happens Again 0
    Everywhere With This Beast 0
    The Great Ship of Salvation 0
    They Fear Death They Fear 0
    No Pain In Fantasy 0
    Fire Age 0
    The Fear Death They Fear 0
    The Last Snorkeling Winter Spider 0
    My Dear Spiderlings 0
    Soft Tyranny vs. Hard Poetry 0
    Fingered 0
    Soft Tyranny vs. Hard Poetry 0
    The Ghost of Edar Allan Poe (A Cento) 0
    My Miss Stereo Lover (A Cento) 0
    My Miss Stero Lover (A Cento) 0
    My Miss Stereo Lover (A Cento) 0
    Gods Enlisted Fighters 0
    America- Don't Believe In Defeat 0
    Rattle Snake Gutter 0
    The Nookie Man In Hoochie Land 0
    The Day I Want to Die 0
    Speechless Death (Take One The Only Take) 0
    I Wear Make of Menthol 0
    Liquid Voices 0
    Sexual Kung Fu 0
    The Shadows' Rule 0
    Dish of Ode Tempt 0
    Goodship Hannity 0
    Seymour The Sea Chicken 0
    Earth 2.0 0
    Portable Playhouse 0
    Free Sun 0
    D.I.Y.D.O.A 0
    The Sick Circus of Dr. Zipper Zoo 0
    It Is I 0
    Wind Chaser 0
    Defenders of Earth 0
    My Belayer/Jesus Thy Harness 0
    Green Fire 0
    Emerald Harbor 0
    Chief Seattle 0
    Port-A-Jon 0
    This, I Shamelessly Tell You 0
    Band of Angels 0
    $ 0
    Bulletin of the Bomb Gods 0
    Burning Bright 0
    Silent Sky 0
    Biscuit Run 0
    Hot Rods of the Gods 0
    The Tome of Titanic Bedroom Operas 0
    Survey of Suffering 0
    The Cooled Star 0
    Milk of Light 0
    Dominion 23 0
    H2R 0
    Maidens' and Lads' 0
    Night Tornado Blue 0
    Phobia Observed 0
    Heart Stretcher 0
    Dreeft 0
    Harbinger of Selection 0
    The Timeous Ones 0
    The Sound of Silence 0
    Giantess Alliances 0
    Hands On You First 0
    25 Ways To Love You 0
    A Satchel of Daring Doings 0
    Standing In The Fire 0
    Electris City/Generic Jesus 0
    Never Smile 0
    The Danger Fighter 0
    Aseneth -n- Joseph 0
    Caged 0
    Fill In The Blanks 0
    Ousia 0
    Intricacy 0
    Smear You Sex On Me 0
    Visions of Bright Past 0
    Hear The Ravens 0
    Thinkery 0
    Time Poet 0
    Fruit of Heritage 0
    One Night We Went Driving 0
    Mama Short Legs 0
    Labyrinth 0
    A Mirrorly Smile 0
    The Breeze of Liberty 0
    Trickle Down 0
    Havens of Harems 0
    Thought Nutrition (Epigrams) 0
    Shadow Fun 0
    Wonder Murdered 0
    The Slayer Men 0
    Raised Profile 0
    Beauty of Premature Fear 0
    Logophobian 0
    Adjust The Nation 0
    Old Tree of Worry 0
    Hollowspine 0
    ating Devils
    Fuzzy Love 0
    Skeleton Song 0
    The Poe Syndrome 0
    Hate Your Heart 0
    Eagle People 0
    The Spell of Lust 0
    The Black Evening Air of Darkness 0
    Fionas' Grin 0
    Shine My New Love, Shine 0
    Fight Like A Kangaroo 0
    Fight Like A Kangaroo 0
    DUI 500 0
    Topper The Roofing Border Collie 0
    The Lime Tree Versus (Limericks) 0
    The Lime Tree Versus (Limericks) 0
    A Lethal Dose of Love 0
    Outrageous Existence 0
    Winners Alibi 0
    Operation Whitehouse 0
    In The Asylum of the Gods 0
    Seize The Night 0
    Eco-It Man 0
    Time Threadz 0
    Max A Million Travel Game 0
    Museum of Supernatural History 0
    Seattleite Women 0
    My Poetry Looks Up To You 0
    Morning Glory 0
    Glitter Girl 0
    Still Point 0
    Got Courage? 0
    The Man That Head Banged Forever 0
    Vinculumn Breve 0
    Through Bitch 0
    Common Law 0
    Neck 0
    Silence The Remaining Right 0
    Why Do They Suck? 0
    Mother Memory 0
    Brother Sorrow 0
    Stalking In The Spirit 0
    A Death of One 0
    Time Colonel Wormholz 0
    To The Supreme Court: God Revealed 0
    One Chase All Chase 0
    The Corkscrew W.S.E.X.69.2 0
    That Little Trick 0
    Fire Fish In Pyro Pond 0
    Find A Place To Sleep 0
    M.O.W.E.R. (Mothers On War End Racism) 0
    Tribunia 0
    Nudged Sketches Of Flighty Things (Haiku) 0
    Dead Poets Society 2/The Chapel of Fear 0
    Twinklin' Thangs (Suthern) 0
    Twinkling Things (Northern) 0
    The 12th Man/23 Wrathletes 0
    Planets Chat 0
    The Dark Sentence 0
    The Curse Since 1970 0
    Prince Soul 0
    The Astronaut Song 0
    THE CURSE SINCE 1790 0
    Prince Soul (Steps To The Throne) 0
    A New Passage (That Was Never Given Up) 0
    Look To The Stars 0
    You're Oh So Close 0
    Slower Than Judgement Day 0
    l Junkies
    The Moon and Her Mother (1998 AD) 0
    Ancestor Fear 0
    This Feels Good 0
    To Lift My Brow 0
    Inside 0
    Torn Together 0
    Torn Together 0
    Wild Cats 0
    Out of Dust Into Ashes 0
    Me Amigo 3
    Digital, Verbal, Oral Climax 0
    Lived to Tell 0
    Stage Fright 0
    Loved Alive 0
    I Die My Death 0
    I Die My Death 0
    My Way 0
    Dancing In The Moonlight 0
    Opposing Comparasion 0
    Illusionary Hallucinagen 0
    Surfaced 0
    Desire Takes You By Surprise 0
    Hearts' Home 0
    The Three of Us 0
    Thaw 0
    Sun Burn 0
    The Urak Hai 0
    Soulology 0
    Soulogy 0
    Knock'em Down' N Up 0
    Knock'em Down' N Up Again 0
    Summit of the Zennith 0
    These Days These Years 0
    Fallen Key Of An Angel 0
    All Is Flux 0
    June Bug 0
    The Goblin Wars 0
    Night Time Blindness 0
    Monitored 0
    Iron/Stone 0
    I'm In Love With A Nun 0
    The Tear Collector -16
    Orange n Black Holiday 0
    Vandaled Waters 0
    Sunken Soul 0
    To Walk Among The Wild One 0
    One Day 0
    16 Acres Of Downroar 0
    In Tragedys Wake of A Vengeful God 0
    Bind Obama Directly To Heaven -5
    Biker Chics 0
    A New Transformatio
    Coloring Books 0
    The Sun Spilt 0
    Turboa 0
    Fire Fly 0
    Return To The Forest 0
    Witch Craft 0
    The Other Reality 0
    The Yet Becomes Yours 0
    Realize 0
    Why Cry 0
    Machete 0
    Moss And Shadows 0
    Savages 0
    Planets of Peace 0
    Snake River 0
    Better Seen Than Heard 0
    The Door We All Enter 0
    Falling Into Autumn 0
    Cosmic Syncrony 0
    Hood Wink 0
    3:00 A.M. 0
    These Words (Will Soon Be A Memory) 0
    Can I Be Your Chimera? 0
    Natures' Kiss 0
    One Chase All Chase 0
    The First Day of Rain 1
    Cardinal Breath 0
    Beauty Soon Dismissed 0
    Life As A Gerbil 0
    To Be With You 0
    An Old Day Of A Live Night 0